Sunday, September 30, 2012

Struggles. // Machelle M.

This is a hot mess of writing ladies! I apologize now.....

Okay so I've struggled with this since I said I would submit a guest blog. This morning I was so frustrated with the scales the words just started flowing. I know some of you other ladies know what I'm talking about----- the Wednesday morning weigh in. I was up 3 mother freakin' pounds! 3!!!!!

Here is a little of my story...I've struggled with my weight forever.  Since the birth of my first child 20 years ago.  I thought I was overweight at 140.  I would love to see 140.  Heck at this point I just want to see 189!  I've done the yo-yo thing forever.  Lose weight...gain weight...lose weight....gain weight. 

My husband has went through a major weight change....losing over 90lbs in 2 years.  We share the same physician. When I went to see our physician in April (he knows how much I've struggled with weight) he said, "I don't know why you don't do what your husband does. He can help you."  Well hell's I hadn't thought of that.  You see I'm stubborn...and I hate to ask for help.  I am very dependent and was a single mom for many years.  Even though I knew my husband had found the golden ticket (that's a blog for another day) it was hard for me to say, "okay help me, give me a piece of that ticket."  I stewed over what my most favorite doctor said and finally I came clean with my husband and asked him to help me.  This was mid-April.   This is my weight tracker since April each week (sometimes twice per week):

starting weight: 198
May 4: 194.4
May 6: 196.8
May 18: 195.2
June 1: 194.4
June 8: 194.6
June 15: 197.2
June 22: 195.4
June 29: 195.4
July 6: 195.4
July 27: 194
Aug 3: 194.8
Aug 9: 196.2
Aug 17: 194.2
Aug 24: 193.6
Aug 29: 192.0
Aug 31: 191.8
Sep 5: 190
Sep. 12: 190
Sep 14: 190
Sep 19: 193....freaking 193!

Did my husband struggle like this?   Nope, he had some plateaus, but never went up and down like I do (I have an incredible before and after picture of him on my facebook page). I've cried, I've screamed, I've gotten angry, I've wanted to GIVE UP.  Here is the thing....every time I want to give up I know that I can't.

I know that even though the scales are a dirty, dirty whore I am getting healthier.   I know that my size 18s are hanging off of me.  I know that the 16s are getting loose.  I know that inches are coming off my waist, my hips and even my boobs.  Most of all I know that by exercising and eating healthier I am adding years to my life.  I am reducing my risk of heart disease and cancer.  I am getting closer to my ultimate goal of being medication free.  So I don't quit.  I keep going and going and going.

Machelle D. Mullins (I hope my words help somebody out there...if you are struggling you are not alone!)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Two for One // Jen S.

So last week I posted about my Cheeseburger Casserole and you all filled your lid, so I promised I post a recipe.  Then last night I tried a brand new recipe, a la Pinterest (jen_stamps).  I posted to Instragram (also jen_stamps) and immediately knew I’d need to post a recipe for that too.  SO – you get two for one…enjoy!

And FYI, I freaking hate following directions when it comes to recipes.  You give me something and I will modify it.  These two, ironically, I didn’t modify – so I can’t take credit.

Cheeseburger Casserole
6 WW+ Points per serving (nope don’t know the calories, I only count points)
Serves 6

2 spray(s) cooking spray  
2 large uncooked yukon gold potato(es), boiled or steamed whole, drained and cooled  
1 clove(s) (medium) garlic clove(s), minced  
1 small uncooked onion(s), chopped  
1 small green pepper(s), chopped  
1 cup(s) fresh mushroom(s), sliced  
1 pound(s) uncooked ground turkey breast  
1/8 tsp ground cumin  
1/4 tsp table salt  
1/8 tsp black pepper, freshly ground  
2 oz low-fat Cheddar or Colby cheese, cubed  
1/4 cup(s) low-fat evaporated milk  
1/8 tsp crushed red pepper flakes  
8 item(s) baked low-fat tortilla chips, crushed

Preheat oven to 350ºF. Coat a 9-inch square baking dish with cooking spray.

Peel and thinly slice potatoes; layer in prepared baking dish. Bake potatoes until slightly crisp, about 10 minutes; remove baking dish from oven and set aside.

While potatoes are baking, coat a large nonstick skillet with cooking spray and warm over medium-high heat; add garlic, onion, green pepper and mushrooms. Cook, stirring frequently, until vegetables are tender, about 7 to 10 minutes; remove to a plate, cover to keep warm and set aside. Add turkey to skillet; cook until browned, breaking up meat with a wooden spoon as it cooks, about 8 to 10 minutes. Add cooked vegetables, cumin, salt and pepper to turkey and stir to combine; spread mixture over potatoes in baking dish.

In a small microwave safe bowl, combine cheese product, evaporated milk and crushed red pepper flakes; cover and microwave on high power until cheese melts, about 1 to 2 minutes. Spoon melted cheese over turkey and sprinkle with tortilla chips. Bake for 35 minutes; remove from oven and let stand for 5 minutes before slicing into 6 pieces. Yields 1 piece per serving. 

Meat ‘n’ Potatoes Light (I just made up that name just now)
5 WW+ points per serving
Serves 4

2 spray(s) cooking spray  
10 oz of uncooked chicken breasts – cubed
3 cups of uncooked green beans (or any green veggie)
1lb of white/new/red potatoes
1 c of chicken broth
1 packet of Italian dressing (dry packet)

Line the chicken, potatoes, and greens in 3 separate rows in your dish.  Sprinkle with packet of Italian dressing packet, then pour chicken broth.  Cover with tin foil and back for 1 hour.

So, on this Friday, I'll give you yet another better be happy! 

See what you're missing by not following me on Instagram?  I post freaking really awesome things, because I'm freaking really awesome. 

Jen S.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

C25K. // Erin M.

Hey there! My name is Erin. I’m 31, a mother to 2 little boys and a stay at home mom. Growing up I was always super skinny. I was the ‘flyer’ in cheerleading because I was so little. Then I graduated from high school, lived alone in an apartment and ate whatever junk I felt like eating. After a year of cosmetology school I graduated, moved back home and started working at a salon. I was alone in there a lot, trying to build up a clientele. Since I was bored I ate. For the most part none of this caught up to me. I had a pretty decent metabolism. I never exercised. My husband and I got married when we were 21. I cooked whatever we felt like eating, never worrying about the fat or calorie content. We were both used to our mom’s making unhealthy food so that’s all we knew. And we were picky eaters. As the years went on our weight crept up. After 10 years of marriage I have gone from a size 4 to a size 10/12. My husband is amazing, tells me he finds me attractive and that he still sees the ‘girl’ he married 10 years ago. But I see different. I see a fat, jiggly, ugly person. I don’t want that for him OR for our kids. My oldest, now 6, used to say people were ‘straight’ (skinny) or ‘round’. I have dreaded the day he tells me I’m round. Luckily he’s old enough now to not use that lingo anymore but the fear is still there.

I am finally mad enough about the way I look to do something about it. I did Jillian’s 30DS back in March, saw results and was so happy about it, but life got in the way (summer, vacations, etc). I am back on the band wagon now and I will not jump off again! Here is part of my journey......

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whew, thanks for letting me scream for a second.  I just needed to get that out there, I DID WEEK 1, DAY 1 C25K WORKOUT START TO FINISH!!!!  Ahh, that feels so good! So did the sweat that came pouring out of me!  When I got started it was chilly.  Brisk.  Coldish.  And I’m a weenie when it comes to being cold, I don’t like it.  But I started out in my short sleeved shirt knowing that in no time I would be warmed up, hot and sweating.

Let me back up a bit.  A week or so ago I downloaded the C25K app on my Android (it’s free, do it too!).  I sat in my living room and listened to it to get a feel for what I was in for.  Ok, I decided, I could do this.  But one problem, no music.  And I need music.  So I got on Mama Laughlin’s Fit Camp on Facebook and posted a comment asking how I can listen to music and run C25K at the same time.  Those gals came out in force and helped me out!  So next I downloaded Pandora, figured out how to run that (sort of) and started listening to their station called “Workout”.  Ok, nothing holding me back now!

Fast forward back to me going out for my first run/walk.  I step outside in the brisk (and windy) weather and start off.  They start you off slow with a 5 minute ‘warm up’.  It’s supposed to be a brisk walk, so I briskly walked in the brisk weather.  (A lot of brisking going on here, sheesh!)  By the end of my 5 minutes my shins were burning.  Oh boy, I thought, this isn’t going to be good if I’m already sore from the warm up.  Ba-doonk, the bell dings and tells me to start jogging.  Okay, here goes nothing!  So I start jogging (thank goodness for a heavy duty sports bra doubled up with a regular bar, or I’d be black and blue in the face when done).  60 seconds later, ba-doonk.  Time to start walking for 90 seconds.  Back and forth, back and forth I go.  During the second set of jogging I started to get a little winded, but then that next set of walking came just in time for me to slow down a bit and catch my breath.

About 16/17 minutes in my side started to cramp.  Oh boy, what am I going to do?? I don’t want to give up, I’ve made it half-way through this workout.  Ok, Erin, suck it up and keep going!  So I did!  I did!!!  I don’t know where the strength came from.  Maybe it was from me remembering a post I saw on a friend’s Facebook page.  It was one of those ‘e-cards’.  It said something along the line of “If you see me running you’d better run too. Something is obviously chasing me.”  And when I remembered that I thought, “yea, my ass is chasing me!”  Literally, my fat ass is chasing me and if I don’t keep going it’s just going to keep getting bigger and it will keep chasing me.  So I sucked it up and kept going.

I ran every set, and even ran a little into the walking set during the last 10 minutes.  It felt good!  The sweat felt good!  Yea, my calves were super tight by the end, but when I got home I stretched, then kept moving so they wouldn’t get too tight.  Oh, and when I was running towards the end I could feel the muscles in my butt tightening up. Yes!!!  What a great feeling!  Ha ha, weird I am! 

When I got home I took my first post-workout picture.  Here it is.

I was so proud of myself for doing this and finishing it.  And I couldn’t wait till Week 1 Day 2!  I have hated running my whole life.  I was a cheerleader, not a basketball player or a track star.  So why am I starting now?  I don’t know.  There are a million other ways to exercise, right? But for some reason I just want to run!  I want to be able to throw on my shoes and head out the door (alone) for 30 minutes of just me time.  I want to feel good.  And, I want to LOOK good!  I read so many people’s stories saying they weren’t runners but they did it and they lost weight, felt better, and looked better.  I want that for me!  So, I am going to run.
 - Erin
 For more of Erin's words, check out her personal blog: Homemade Happenings

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pity Party Table Of One. // Andrea D.

I have hit a major plateau during my get fit journey and in the process have sent myself into a serious pity party! Back on 7/18 I hit an 11 pound weight loss in just 1 short month taking me to 184lbs. Since then I have only lost one pound. 41 DAYS! 1 POUND! Every single day this plagues me, every day I weigh myself thinking its going to say something different... and it does but it says 183.0, 183.8, 183.6, 183.4, etc.

I have continued to eat healthy regardless and I have also continued to workout. One thing I have noticed is that I was going to the gym to run or running outside almost everyday the month I lost 11 pounds, this to me was key in my big numbers that month not to mention the inches that it melted away.

Pictures speak for themselves:
On the left 195 - on the right 184 and down 6 inches over all
So what changed? I still eat like a champ, I rarely drink, I still workout. Why is this happening to me? Life is not fair, I must have some terrible disease that no one has ever heard of that is making this happen. Nope! Then today I read a John Wooden quote (he was a very famous NCAA Men's basketball coach at UCLA) and it totally clicked for me:  "Don't measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability."

This is exactly what I was doing! I was doing the minimum that I would let myself get away with to not beat myself up for not going to the gym.

So here is what went down, I bought Jillian Michaels 30 day shred DVD a few weeks ago as a supplement to running. I think however this gave me a false sense of getting my workouts in. I basically stopped going to the gym and running because I was working out with Jillian AND I was getting it done at home, BONUS!

So, I have decided that this is my week, this is the week that I hit 179, and never look back. Saturday is also an end to a 6 month journey that started back in March. I set out to lose 50lbs by then, I will fall short of that goal, but I can't complain about losing 30 pounds since March either. This week and for the rest of this journey I will quite literally kick my own ass (a little Jillian humor for you girls that Shred) and I will not sell myself short anymore. I have 3 hot Yoga sessions scheduled (did one last night) and have all of my runs and Shredding on my Google calendar so I get it all done.

I had to dig deep to get myself out of this funk and figure out that I was to blame for my plateau and not my body or any other silly excuse I could come up with.

My challenge to all of you is to add an extra workout into your weekly routine, it may make the difference you were looking for! One more John Wooden quote for the road:  "It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen."

**9/24/12 Update to my post***
I just wanted to let you all know that I did in fact break through my plateau that week, down to 178 now and still losing. I had to step up my game and I am so glad I did. Hard work and dedication ALWAYS pays off!

For more of Andrea's ramblings, check out her personal blog: United States of Andra

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Team Challenge + Hooker Heels // Jen S.

You asked for it, so you got it.  Hope you’re ready!

The Jens are at it again and hosting another freaking super sweet challenge.  There were TONS who did the last challenge and since there are literally THOUSANDS more of you (that is still a bit unbelievable) who joined the group since we started the last challenge, we thought “Let’s do another challenge! YAY!” 

It will be run a little bit differently, and yes, we’re still gonna be strict…but you’ll have to be strict with each other.

This challenge will involve losing percentages, teams, captains, and, drum roll…PRIZES!  I just love prizes!  And we know how much you love your free shit, so we figured it was a win-win!

How it works:
  • Submit your weight, name, and if you’re willing to be a captain here: (Update: Challenge is Full) – you MUST submit through this form in order to participate
  • I will divide you up into teams of 5
  • Each week (once we start) you’ll report your weight to your team captain
  • Your team captain will tally up the weight and submit to me each week
  • At the end of the challenge, the team that lost the most percentage will win!
  • This is a Holiday Challenge, so your team will need to come up with a fun Holiday Team Name, like: Sweet Potatoes Chuckers or Santa creative, be silly, it's more fun that way. 
  • In keeping with the last challenge, we will continue the Wednesday Weigh In 

What’s a Captain?
A captain will be the person on each team collecting, keeping track of, and reporting weights for each person.  It is the responsibility of the captain to keep a log of each individual’s weight and report the TOTAL group weight to me once a week.  Jen S will email the captains the link to the spreadsheet each week, you will be responsible for adding ONLY the TOTAL weight of your team each week.  Jen S will track the percentages.  In a separate document, you’ll want to track the individual weight of your team members.

To keep our sanity, we need to limit this to 500 people (or less if we don’t have enough captains)…100 teams of 5.  We ask that you SERIOUSLY think about this challenge.  The Jens thought long and hard about this and want this to be a successful endeavor, so we ask that you only participate in this challenge if: you are 100% committed to doing this challenge for the entire duration (don’t think we didn't notice all those empty rectangles in the first challenge).  If you drop out it will hurt your team and we are just trying to keep it fair for all!

This challenge will run from October 17 through December 5. 

Get crackin’ on that form.  I’m taking the first 500, so…

And PS for all those out there who like my hooker-heels (that’s what I call anything over 4 inches…these are 5 inches) that I posted on instagram (jen_stamps) I got them at Target. :)  

Jen S.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Tug-of-war. // Jen J.

Those of you that have been tracking me know that I like my cocktails.  And if you've been following me on Instagram (passingleft) you would also think I like my beer.  But the truth is, I hate beer.  I am just one of those people trying to fake it until I make it.

Because of my healthy life change, I've been having an internal tug-o-war with the libations.  Thanks to my weight loss, I want to go out more.  I am feeling more confident and the clothes I've purchased lately are awesome so I want to show them off.  But on the other hand, drinking is so counter-productive for me.  After sipping a little liquid gold, I lose my inhibitions and become a complete food slut and stuff my face.  This just happened a few days ago and I felt like ass the entire next day and immediately gained two pounds.  The only silver lining is the fact that I discovered a new drink - root beer and Three Olives Whipped vodka - for a little root beer float action!  You are welcome.

So when the BF suggested two beer centric activities the past two weekends, I thought, "this will be good".  I won't drink, but it's still an opportunity to go out.  One event was an Oktoberfest at a local brewery and the other a Zoo Brew.  I had fun at these events but despite feeling better about how I looked - I had also had a pang of lack confidence concerning our relationship.  My BF loves his beer so these two events were completely up his alley.  At the Oktoberfest, the beer was served in 63 ounce jugs so people were getting buzzed up fast - including the friends we went with.  Then there was me, just standing there socially awkward because things weren't as funny to me.  I then started calculating the calories in each of the jugs (which disgusted me) and thought about how all these people should not be driving home.  And then I started to think that my BF and his friends probably think I am lame and he is having more fun with these people than me.  Blah, blah, sober mind just wondering.  I know my BF loves me and appreciated the safe ride home, but, I just can't shake this feeling of lameness.

The BF & I at Zoo Brew.  Me trying to fake it until I make it.
Shark tank at the Zoo Brew.
Jugs 'o beer!  Oktoberfest.
Am I alone?  Anyone else out there wishing they could drink their faces off and not gain an ounce?  Or join their man in eating bucket of wings and not see an instant increase in their waistline?  Do you experience this tug-o-war with beverages/food or feel that your healthy lifestyle has hindered your relationship in someway?

~ Jen J. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Winners Of 31 Days Of Jillian.

Thank you everyone for playing, 31 days of being Jillian's biotch!  I really appreciate all the pins and shares!  This contest has done wonders for the growth of this wee little blog.  I am thrilled that we can now share our stories with more women.  I also sincerely hope each and everyone of you join us for the pummeling beginning October 1st. 

Without further adieu, the two winners are yo-yo mama and Amber.  I selected yo-yo mama because she solicited the biggest giggle out of me and I selected Amber, because I love that she is making this a family affair.  Now, I need you two hookstars to email me at MLfitcamp@gmail.  Please provide your mailing addresses so I can get these out to you straight away.
Thanks again!
~ Jen J.

yo-yo-mamaSeptember 22, 2012 1:16 AM

Ready to let my inner-lesbian-child loose!! Bring on 31 days of piss-my-pants-jumping jacks. I need the gift cards to stock up on my panty liner a sista out!

Oh and you rule....and following :)

AmberSeptember 22, 2012 9:11 AM
I am now a follower and I shared on facebook! I am so excited for this challenge. My friends, my family, and I have decided to do a biggest loser challenge starting in october. I am in charge of getting it together. I was having a hard time coming up with ideas for what we could do together as a group. I came across this from mama L's blog. And I immediately loved the idea and shared this with them. We are taking the Jillian Challenge! I am so happy we found something to do together as a group. I also encouraged them to follow this blog and Mama L's blog. Mama L has been very inspiring to me. I have been doing Jillian Michaels body revolution, I started Phase 3, Week 9 today! It is getting rough. I decided I am going to buy Jillian Michaels Killer buns and thighs for what are supposed to be my rest days from JMBR. I would also like to try Ripped in 30!
My son is going to be 2 in November and I still have 7 pounds of baby weight I need to lose! I am so upset with myself that it has taken me this long to get motivated to lose that weight. 
I am soooo ready. BRING IT ON JILLIAN!

Friday, September 21, 2012

31 Days Of Jillian.

Spooky - spooky!  Halloween is upon us and I can't think of anything more scarier than committing 31 days to that witch Jillian Michaels.  From October 1st - October 31st, Fit Camp is hosting a 31 days of Jillian Challenge.  During which time you can pick your poison - whether it be the 30 Day Shred (30DS), Ripped in 30 (RI30), Yoga Meltdown, or any of her other DVDs.  The goal is to do one of her workouts each and everyone of the 31 days.  You can track your progress on this handy dandy calendar I created.  I also encourage you to go out and purchase some Halloween stickers for you to place on the calendar after completing each work out.
I completed the 30DS last month (you can read about it here), I am currently on level three of RI30, and I also have Kickbox FastFix.  So my personal plan of attack is to just do a different workout each day to keep things fresh.  One day, I may do one of the kickboxing options and the next level 2 of the 30DS. 

I also ask that each and every person participating in the challenge take pictures before, halfway, and at the completion of the challenge.  Even if you are not comfortable sharing the photos with the group, you will be so glad you have them for your own personal reflection.  Lastly, please share your plan of attack, progress, and photos of your calendar under the Fit Camp's event section where I set up an event for this challenge.

To kick of this event, I am giving away more free shit.  I purchased all of my Jillian propaganda from Target so I picked up two $25 Target gift cards and two packs of stickers to give away to two lucky challenge participants.
My intention for these gift cards is for the winners can add to their Jillian collection - whether it be a new DVD, weights, mat....etc.  To throw your hat in you must follow this blog, pin or share this post on facebook, and leave me a comment stating which one of the two you did.  In addition, you must include something in your comment relative to this challenge.  I will choose my two favorite comments and the gift cards and stickers will go to those individuals.  I will announce the winners on the blog sometime this Sunday (9/23).

I hope you decide to join us, I can't think of any better way to prepare for all those treats that will soon be upon us!

~Jen J.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

My WTF Moment.

Everyone has their “WTF moment” when it comes to weight loss. What is a “WTF moment”, you ask? You’ve been living in denial about your weight gain thus far. Sure, you’ve noticed that you may need to inhale, hold your breath until you’re on the verge of passing out just to button up your pants, or maybe you’ve tried taking several self-portrait pics with your phone, only realized at every friggin’ angle you look like a bloated Elvis on pills and booze. Then you blame the camera for looking the way you do. Psst, sorry…that’s how you really look, girlfriend. But then comes the “WTF moment”. Something just hits you and you think, “Whoa, I have GOT to do something about this”. Maybe it’s seeing a pic of you on vacation. Perhaps you noticed it when you went into the Old Navy changing room, and wanted to bolt out in tears because the fat size you bought made you look like a stuffed sausage. Or was it the time your 3 year old touched your belly and asked, “Mama, are you’s having another baaaaaaaayyyyybeeeeeee”?

Growing up, I was nicknamed “dried chicken butt” (thanks to my endearing aunt). So, how in the hell did “dried chicken butt” turn into “fat moo cow”? It was the extra ranch, cheese and croutons on my salads. It was the fries on the side of my chicken burgers. It was the nightly Snickers and Hershey bars I was eating for dessert. It was those fuggin’ delicious Girl Scout Thin Mints that made me anything but thin. It was the 12 pack of Dr Pepper’s that I would plow through in two days! You mean, here I was pushing 30 and my metabolism wasn’t that of a 15 year old anymore? Pfft! One day, I ran to Wal-Mart (don’t judge) to grab a scale and decided to test it out in the aisle. BIGGEST…MISTAKE…EVER! I underestimated my weight by 20lbs. When I stepped on that sucker and read 184lbs, I nearly tipped over. No exaggeration, I could feel my face turn hot, my head got dizzy and I wanted to puke. Surely that was a mistake. Wait, this scale is reading 184lbs, too? Off to grab another scale. Steps on it. Same results. Wants to die right then and there. 184lbs may not seem like a lot to some of you, but for someone who was an athletic 120lbs a majority of her life, well, this blew big baboon balls. Damn, I knew my husband was lying to me about my weight! Then again, I lied to him about his hair loss, so we’re even.

In March 2012, I decided it was time to put my ass into gear. After seeing a few pics of me during a recent trip, I said, “Oh helllllllllllllllllllll no am I going to be the fat wife and mom”! My hubby and I joined the Y and that was the first day of my change. After speed walking, I got the balls to start running. Of course, I underestimated myself, but then I thought if Forest Gump could run across America, why couldn’t I run a few miles a day. And I did it. No excuses. A mom of three boys somehow managed to find the time for herself. You know how I did it? I wanted it badly enough. When you want it, you’ll find a way. Unfortunately, my knee had other plans, so I went from 4-5 miles a day to 2, but that was a-okay by me!

So, here I am 6 months later and down 35lbs. I don’t believe in dieting, but lifestyle changes instead. Dukan, Paleo, low-carb and all that fancy smancy stuff might work for some, but I’m not that kind of gal. What works for me is good ol’ fashioned moderation. As a former Dr Pepper addict (do they have DP Anonymous groups for us?), it was tough, but I knew it’d be worth it. Dr Pepper – gone! Water – in! Portion control is what has helped drop the weight and only with small modifications. I don’t do carbs after lunch, only eat whole grain goodness, no fattening sauces or dressings and am overall more conscious about what I’m putting in my mouth. Hey, get your mind out of the gutter. I’m talkin’ food here, ladies! To make this change means much more than weight loss. It’s to be in the shower, wash yourself and feel how much thinner your hips have gotten. It’s to see your legs actually get a little gap in them. It’s to take pictures with your family and not strategically place children in front of you in hopes that they hide your chubby rubber tire. It’s to feel hot! It’s to know that while there’s a lot in the world that you cannot control, you CAN control how your body looks. It’s to hear, “Wow, you don’t even LOOK like you’ve had three kids”!

And for the love of Gad, don't think you have to give up everything you love. Hey, if I'm eating 21 meals a week that are all modified healthy, bet your boo-tay I'm going to splurge on a chocolate snack, or enjoy every bite of my cheat meal (Mmmmmm, Raising Cane's anyone?). Another thing to remember, too is it's natural to occasionally fall off the wagon. Keep in mind that it takes 3500 calories to gain ONE pound. Is it worth hating yourself because you indulged in a cookie that was 150 calories? Indulging in a 200 calorie milkshake isn't going to break your hard work, I promise. It's the eating them every day, in excess that damaged the goods -- not sporadically treating yourself. When you fall, don't sabotage all of your hard work. Brush your knees off and get the hell back up!

- Vanessa S.

My "WTF moment" before pic of me and Forest. He's saying, "Back off my box of chocolates, fatty". After pic is me at 155lbs. I've lost 5lbs more since and hopefully will hit my 130lb mark before Christmas! Slowly, but surely.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What to do when you feel like giving it up

So – this was supposed to be a post about that 3 day detox I was trying.  Well, seeing how I quit the detox due to starvation after lunch on the second day, I figured there wasn’t much to talk about.  Here’s the deets for those who insist on knowing…

I lost 2.6lbs in 2 days.  That wasn’t what I intended.  I wanted a detox because I hadn’t been eating very clean the weeks leading up to said detox.  Day one was ok.  Was a little hungry, but I soldiered on.  After breakfast of day 2 I started feeling weak.  After lunch on day 2 my hands were shaking and my stomach was growling so loud others were starting to take notice! Needless to say, I dropped the detox after that.  I am all for eating clean but not for starvation.  It might work for one of you, but did not work for me.

So, on to the actual post…What to do when you feel like giving it up?

I’ve seen a few posts in the group asking what to do about a plateau.  What to do when you have fallen off the wagon.  What to do when you have no motivation.

First: realize you are not alone.  This happens to everyone at some point in time.  Some are just not as vocal about it.  Luckily for you, I am a complete open book (sometimes to a fault) and share everything that I experience: good, bad, and ugly.

Second: keep going.  Know that this too shall pass…ugh didn’t I really just f***ing say that?  Yes, I did.  Want to know why?  BECAUSE IT WILL PASS…if you keep going. 

I started October 2008 at 220lbs (5’ 8”).  I lost 40lbs with ease.  Then gained 10, lost 20, gained 10, lost 10, gained 20…and so on for a few years.  I wasn’t committed during that losing/gaining period.  Finally in February 2012 at 191lbs I recommitted myself.  As of today, I’m 166.  I hit a plateau at 170-172 for 9 weeks.  I was working out.  I was counting my points.  I was doing everything I was supposed to.  I felt good, but wasn’t losing. 

Was it discouraging? YES, very.  But as you can see by all the ups and downs I experienced in the past…when I plateaued, I said “f*** it!”…and that’s how you get the yo-yo effect, NOT DESIREABLE.

Change it up: start mixing up your calories.  Spread your calories over 5 or 6 mini meals.  Eat less for dinner, more for breakfast.  Stop eating at least 2 hours before bedtime.  Cut out the booze *gasp*…for at least a few days.  The point it, do something different than you’re doing now.  EVEN IF you’re “following the rules”, follow them in a different way.  Eventually it will catch on.

So…what do YOU do when you feel like giving it up?

Jen S.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall Fun, Food & Fitness

Living on the coast in New England is fantastic for my palate in the summertime. Fresh local seafood and veggies are in abundance... there is nothing better than stopping at the local farmer's market and picking up a few bags full of fresh native foods... the colors and tastes are heavenly, and knowing that you're eating locally grown products only enhances the flavors! With all of the local goodness, it's very easy and downright inviting to stay on track with healthy foods during the summer months.

And then? Then the fall hits. Yes, we have the most gorgeous scenery in the fall and we get to go apple picking and visit the local pumpkin patch and enjoy football games with our friends... but along with all of the fun that makes fall my favorite season, the desire to eat healthy goes out the window! We can still eat locally made foods, but those now consist of homemade donuts at the apple orchard (, chocolate covered apples, pumpkin muffins, and let's not forget about drinking our calories... the feeling of hot coffee in your body on a cool fall day is amazing. The problem with that for me is that I only like my coffee with cream and sugar and although that's acceptable to have once in a while, if I drink it everyday, there's not a snowballs chance in hell that I'm going to lose weight!

Once fall turns into winter, the comfort foods take over.... I want something warm and hearty to fill my belly! Shepherd's Pie and Chop Suey (do y'all even know what those are?!) have been staples in my house, accompanied by a big chunk of fresh bread (with butter!) of course! Being a busy mom, I like to make big casserole-type dishes that not only fill us up, but that will have enough leftovers to last a couple of days. Walking in the house after a long day at work followed by sports practices and being able to reheat leftovers is a busy mom's best friend! So in these cool months, I seem to always stick with our same old favorites, but they're really not all that healthy or conducive to losing weight.

Fitness is another area that's challenging in the colder months. My scenic runs have to move indoors when the ground is covered with snow... not the end of the world, but I'd much rather be staring at the ocean water or the beautiful foliage while I run instead of my living room walls. Until then, I'll relish these last couple of months of being outdoors and really take in our scenic surroundings. This weekend I'm planning on a hike at a kid-friendly mountain nearby. It should be a fun and beautiful break from our normal routine.

So friends, what I need from you is a little help! Can you think of some healthy filling, warm meals for dinner time that will have some leftovers? I know we're all constantly looking for new recipes so let's fill the comments section up with some good ones that we can all use!

Happy (almost!) fall y'all!
Erin L.
Erin can be found on the web at her blogFacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cheating On My Pal.

Last time I weighed in I failed epically! Ugh. It was all my fault (no kidding, Mr. Obvious).

Here's why:
~I decided to make chocolate chip cookies and instead of eating 1 small spoonful of dough I ate 5 or 6 spoonfuls
~My husband had a bad day at work, so to help him drown his sorrows I went to the gas station after the boys were in bed and bought us each a bottle of pop - duh!

~I started Jillian's 30 Day Shred, which means I started building muscle (weight?), therefore I didn't lose any weight
~I didn't use the My Fitness Pal app I downloaded to my phone a few weeks ago

So here's what I discovered about myself where My Fitness Pal is concerned -- I'm a cheater.  I cheat!  I have never cheated on a test before but I cheat on this almost daily.  I don't put in every single thing I ingest (fountain pop from lunch out, chips and salsa at a restaurant, etc) and if I am having a bad eating day I don't input anything into my food log.  I figure if I don't see it it's not that bad.  WRONG. SO wrong!  So who am I cheating by not keeping good track and facing my demons?? ME!!!  I am cheating me.  It's so disgusting and embarrassing.  I honestly thought if I set it up so other's could see my daily food log I'd be held somewhat accountable.  Instead I just cheat. 

Well, no more. This last time I weighed in I gained back 2.8lbs. Yikes!  I can't keep doing this. I am determined to do better, determined to lose this weight, determined to look better, feel better, BE better.  I AM DETERMINED!!!  So even though I was super frustrated when I stepped on the scale I put on my shoes and did the 30 Day Shred.  I will do it today, I will do it again tomorrow.  I will do it the day after.  The only way I am going to beat this demon is to keep trying, keep pushing myself, keep going.  And to not eat shovelfulls of cookie dough anymore. 

Erin // Fellow Fit Camper 
You can find more of Erin's ramblings at her personal blog Homemade Happenings.

Friday, September 14, 2012

7 Things You Need To Know.....

.......To Get The Most Outta Fit Camp.

Wow!  A lot of new members added to Fit Camp!  That said, I thought I'd give the newbies a few tips to navigate and get the most out of Fit Camp.

1) Interact with the group!  This means posting anything related to your fitness journey or giving someone a little nudge when they need it.  Not to mention, we are picture whores so show us your progress, after workout photos, or you in a new smaller sized outfit.  Seriously, the more you interact with fellow campers, the more you will get out of it.  I can not empathize this enough!

2)  Get on My Fitness Pal (MFP) and track your calories and exercise.  This free app is seriously amazing and so many Fit Campers are on it cheering each other on!  I swear, even if I lose just a matter of ounces - with all the positive comments I received you would have thought I lost 20 pounds.  You can access the list of Fit Campers' MFP ids by going to the file tab and finding the Index of Camper Resources.  In that document there is a link to a spreadsheet containing member ids.

3) Participate in Wednesday Weigh-ins!  On hump day, I encourage you to post your weight and your loss or gain for the week.  Yes, even the gains - this group is all about accountability!  And if you missed out on the current weight loss challenge (it started on August 1st and ends October 3rd) - do not fret, we are working on another.  I promise.

4) Support fellow Fit Campers' blogs.  Of course at the top of your reading list should be Mama Laughlin and Fitness Unscripted (FU) by I highly encourage you to also checkout the many awesome blogs written by other Fit Campers.  For a list of blogs, see the Index of Camper Resources.  Also, I am always looking for FU contributors - email me at if interested.  The goal of this blog is to be the voice of Fit Camp.

5) Get on the Instagram.  Did I mention we are picture whores?  You can follow Mama Laughlin (MamaLaughlin), me (Passingleft) and many other of your new friends.  For any pictures fitness related tag that shit with #MLfitcamp and #goteam.

6) Don't get lost.  I ain't going to lie.  The chatter gets crazy in this group - especially now that it has grown.  It is very easy to get lost.  At the top right you will find a magnifying glass.  If you click on that it opens a little text box.  You can search for key words, topics, or people using it.  It is very helpful.  Use it!

7) Camp Counselors.  The group is moderated by Jen J. (me) and Jen S.  We are here to provide content and sorta run the show.  You can read about us under Camp Counselor's about.  Even though we are here, the purpose of this group is really for you guys to interact amongst yourselves and motivate and learn from each other.  You can friend request Camp Counselor to make sure you don't miss any of our updates.  However, only the group is closed - which means what you post within the group can only be viewed by the group.  However, if you post on the Camp Counselor timeline, I can not make the same guarantee.  

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments. I can do a follow-up post.

Welcome!  ~ Jen J.

Free Shirt Friday.

If you read my blog post Running To Remember on Tuesday, then you may remember that I wore this shirt during my 5k last weekend.....or maybe not.

Either way, I have some extras, and I am GIVING them out.  Now I know you hookstars love your free shit so in the words of Jillian Micheals - "get some"!

I have (1) XS, (2) Small, (3) Large, and (2) XL - sorry no mediums.  If you want one of these and I have it in a size that you wear (they run big - I am wearing a small in the picture - I am 5' 8"/175) and you WILL actually wear it then comment below with what size you want.  The first two people who comment for the smalls, get them, the first 3 people who comment they want larges, get them....see how that works?  Yes, this means you will have to take a gander at the comments before yours (and maybe do some arithmetic) to see to make sure the size you'd like is still available. And because pinning is winning, I also require that you pin this blog and let me know in your comment that you did infact pin.  For those of you not big on the Pinterest, sharing on facebook is also an option. 

If you know you earned the shirt by following the rules - just go a head and email me your mailing address and size to 

Easy peasy. 

~ Jen J.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award.

A big hello to Brandi B. who is doing amazing things over at Thin After Twins!  That sweet gal nominated Fitness Unscripted for the Versatile Blogger Award.  I am not quite sure what it all means, but I will play along.  I guess it's kind of link the modern day chain letter?!?!?
The rules of receiving this reward are...
1. Nominate up to 15 fellow bloggers, who are relatively new to blogging.
2. Let the nominated bloggers know they have been nominated.
3. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
4. Thank the blogger who nominated you, and link back to them in your post.
5. Add the Versatile Blogger award picture to your post.

My nominations are: 

I encourage you to check out all the blogs listed above!

And onto the random facts:
1.  I was born at home and delivered by my dad on the bathroom floor because I just couldn't wait!
2.  I had viral meningitis when I was 15.
3.  I had my tonsils removed when I was 21.
4.  I met my boyfriend in Vegas.  Not everything that happens, stays in Vegas.
5.  I threw the shot put for a hot minute during high school.  I sucked.
6.  I passed 3 of the 4 parts of the CPA exam.
7.  I met my best friend in line voting during the Bush v. Kerry election.

~ Jen J.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Enjoying Life's Big Moments

Hey Ladies! I'm Danielle, 29yr old SAHM of a 3 year old boy named Jordan. I blog over at The Beginning of All Wisdom where I often talk about my love for my family and friends. Stop by and say "hi" sometime!

I've started and stopped this post several times in the past week. My husband and I are going on a 5 day vacation to Cancun for our anniversary and I am beyond excited. We haven't been on a big vacation since before I had Jordan and it is long overdue! When we planned this vacation, I was not in the "healthy lifestyle" frame of mind. When we booked this trip I was screaming "BRING ON THE ALL INCLUSIVE." But now, a small part of me is scared to go. I started changing up my eating habits, tracking my calories, and working out at the end of July. Since then, I've lost a total of 9lbs. Am I excited? Of course! I'm starting to see the small changes. My hard work is beginning to show. And most of all, other people are starting to notice! So, Danielle, what's the problem?!?

The problem is that food will be accessible 24hrs a day, for 5 days! I can ward off the alcohol, I'm not a big drinker, but food, now you are speaking my language.

As I was talking to my husband about my "dilemma" last night he didn't understand. I need to start by saying that my husband is beyond encouraging. He loves me just the way that I am, despite what size I am. He has noticed the new changes in my body and comments daily on how beautiful I am. But the bottom line is, he doesn't get it. He has never, and probably will never, have to struggle with weight.

On my run this morning I made a decision. I decided to live. I decided not to be scared of going on a vacation with my husband because of food. Food will no longer run my life. Food will no longer keep me from enjoying time with my family. Food (or restaurant choices) will not control conversations. I will no longer be the girl that has a small meltdown in the car before going into a restaurant because nothing on the menu is healthy. It's up to me now. My choices are my decisions and I have to live with it. I will not beat myself up over a cupcake. We may not get another vacation like this for a while. I would be mad at myself if I didn't experience another country for all that it has to offer. 

Does this decision mean that I'm saying "to hell with my healthy lifestyle?" NOT.AT.ALL.  My decision means that I have decided to enjoy myself. To not trap myself inside of my own head. To enjoy every moment that life has to offer. I know that I won't regret it!

Thanks for reading!
My husband, Jordan, and I.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I am.....a runner??

I’ve always hated running. Always. In junior high, I quit Track after one day of practice. In high school, our gym instructor made us participate in the 15 minute run once per month. It’s exactly what it sounds like. 15 minutes straight of running laps around the gym. I usually ended up walking most of it. And was ALWAYS the last one to finish. Which meant that the 20-25 other students (most of whom were the school’s star athletes - why oh WHY did I always get put in gym class with them?!?!) were sitting in the bleachers watching me want to DIE for the last ¾ - ½ of my run. Once I graduated, I vowed never to run again. And I made good on that promise.

Until a year ago, that is.

One year ago, I had an 18 month old and was still hanging onto some baby weight, some “happily married” weight from before baby, and even some of the “freshman 15” (although I actually gained all of my “freshman” 15 in my sophomore year). I was uncomfortable with my body, but apparently not uncomfortable enough to do something about it. Then, in the dead of winter last year, I thought it’d be fun to start running. I was picturing myself as one of those glamorous girls who dresses in cute workout gear and runs around town or on the treadmill like it’s nothing, without breaking a sweat or losing my breath. I was in for a wakeup call. I could barely run a block. I had to stop to walk a lot, and I dealt with terrible shin splints. After about three weeks of trying to be a runner, I quit, telling myself that I wasn’t meant to be a runner. That it’d never happen for me. That I was stuck being a “walker” for life.

Since then, I’ve went about life acting as though I was one of those girls who can eat whatever I want, whenever I want without lifting a finger and not gain weight. I’m NOT one of those girls, by the way, and more weight crept on. Over the year I got tired of only buying shirts if they were flowy enough to hide the “pooch” on my tummy. I was tired of having to use a hair elastic to secure all of my too small pants closed. But I kept saying to myself “there’s nothing you can do about it. You’re a Mommy now. Your son is now two years old and it’s too late to do anything about this weight and saggy tummy.” I was getting depressed.

Finally, at the beginning of this summer, I’d had enough. I had a “friend” at the time that was constantly making jabs at my weight – which I’ll be the first to admit is not grossly huge for my size – just 30 or so pounds overweight that I managed to camouflage pretty well. But this “friend”, easily a size 00, was judgmental. And she noticed my extra weight – and she made sure I knew that she noticed. Lots of jabs about food, eating, working out, and “fat” were tossed casually my way. I ignored it, played along, and got a lower and lower self-esteem with each comment. Finally, I’d had it. I started getting up early every morning to walk 3.5 miles. I started counting calories and finding healthier alternatives to my cooking methods. And I started losing the weight. One morning, about a month in, I met a girl, not much older than myself, running in the park. I watched wistfully as she ran away, sad that I “couldn’t” run…that it “wasn’t in the cards for me”.

Until it was. After spending much of the next month pining over being able to run, I decided to give it just ONE MORE shot. I discovered the C25K app and immediately downloaded it and headed out the door. I was winded with that very first workout, but it got easier. Week 2 about killed me, but it got easier. And progressively, it all got easier. Somewhere around week 3 my shin splints came back. Bad. I almost gave up. I almost gave myself that same lie that “running isn’t in the cards for me and I can’t do it”. Instead I took a week off, did a lot of research on how to prevent and treat shin splints, and then I got back up. I got to week 5 and again wanted to quit. It was getting hard. But I kept going.

I was so proud that something which just a few months ago was just a dream, is now reality! Even when people tried to put a damper on my excitement about it they couldn’t bring me down! I was camping with some family earlier this summer and lamented how I’d love to run a 5k….a WHOLE 5k…and an uncle suggested his town’s annual 5k run in October. That gave me 3 months to prepare. I could do it, I got excited! Until another uncle said “You can’t do it! You won’t be ready! Don’t waste your time and money getting signed up, you can’t do it!” That was all the push I needed. I sent in my paperwork the very next morning.

And guess what? I’m going to do it! A MONTH EARLY! That’s right! I’ve been training my tooshie off (literally!) and I’m ready to go NOW! So, I researched area 5k’s for the beginning of September and I’ve signed up to run my very first 5k an entire month ahead of schedule! A huge “TAKE THAT!!” to all my doubters out there!

Am I a good runner? Good enough for me. I’m slow, but I’m improving. I still have to stop occasionally to let my shins have a break or to take a quick breather. But I’m always back up and going within a few seconds. In the words of Kanye West “Work it, make it, do it, makes us harder, better, faster, stronger!....That that don’t kill me, can only make me stronger!”

So those of you who are scared to run…just do it! You’d be surprised at what your body is capable of if you just get up and go! You will feel so empowered by proving yourself and everyone around you wrong! Here I am, the girl who dreaded the 15 minute run in high school, the girl who laughed in the face of anyone suggesting I participate in sports - running. If I can do it – YOU can do it! Don’t hold back on your dreams just because you think they can’t happen. They can! It will take hard work and determination – but they can happen!

Jill // Fellow Fit Camper

Running To Remember.

9/11 Memorial 5k - 2003
This is me, age 23, in 2003 after running my first 5k EVER.  It was the 9/11 Memorial 5k in Arlington, VA.  My time was was 25:42 and now looking back I think, holy shit, that was fast - especially for my virgin race!  I don't think I appreciated my pace at the time as much as I do now. 

In 2002, I moved out to Arlington, VA, right after college for my first big girl job.  After I moved there I became determined to leave my late night drunken Taco Bell pig-out sessions behind and become healthy.  This was the first time in my life, I seriously pursued weight loss.  I began running and joined Weight Watchers and lost 30 pounds.  I laugh because when I started running it was long before the C25k app.  I just did it on my own.  One day, I just started running and walked when I could not run anymore.  Anyways, I digress.....

Being my first 5k, this particular race is both nostalgic and sentimental to me.  Combine that with the the purpose of the race is to remember the victims of 9/11 and to honor the firefighters and police officers who responded that day - this race is very near and dear to my heart.

Fast forward nine years.  During of which I regained and re-loss the same 30 pounds a countless number of times, was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, and developed major issues with my feet.  I've fought back all three of these issues over the years and I have finally gotten to a place where I am comfortable running again.  So I figured no better way to honor my progress then to go back to where the journey all began.  I put out the call to a few of my old friends in the area and created a team for this years run.

Team Feets O' Freedom

You may or may not notice, but my friend, Mike, who ran it with me in 2003, joined in. 

There was a terrible, terrible storm that blew in right before the race.  Things calmed down but it rained for most of the race - but not enough to dampen the spirits of all the runners.  Look at all these people!
Over 3,000 runners.
I really, really, really X 100 wanted to beat my time from 2003.  I really was monitoring my watch, but I just could not cut it.  Instead, I finished at a respectable 27:52.
Me and the BF post race.
And really I can't complain, having the opportunity to run amongst these folks, makes me a winner.
He ran the whole dang race in his gear!

Police officers running together while keeping cadence.
As we remember the fallen of 9/11, I ask that each of you dedicate your workout today to the fallen.  Because now, doesn't having the ability to work up a sweat seem like a luxury?

~ Jen J.

Monday, September 10, 2012

This is your Mama talking!

Heeeeeyyyy girrrrlllls! It's your Mama here!

I decided I'd write a little extra somethin' than what you typically get Monday-Friday on the blog.

It goes without saying that this little Fit Camp page has been a blessing to me. You guys have no idea how proud I am of each and every one of you. And how your posts and encouraging words to each other lift my spirits and motivate me. There is a lot of good that comes out of this little gang we have and I couldn't be more honored to be the voice behind it.

The ever so gracious Camp Counselors run this page for me because I literally couldn't do it on my own. I am maxed out with social media outlets and all the little moving parts that go with being the author of a little blog called Mama Laughlin.

Four years ago I started writing on a blog called "The Laughlins". It was about my day to day boring life as a housewife. Now, it is anything but. Everything about it has changed. Except for my voice. I am still a smart ass, throw it all out there, don't care what you think, life's better with laughs kinda gal. And I always will be. But now I have found a passion for weight loss and helping others, and I'm fortunate to have a platform to do it on now. (that's what she said)

That being said, Jen J. wanted me to touch on a few things.
A.) How/When did I know I'd made it big?  Really guys, I don't feel famous or anything. People don't really recognize me when I go places or anything like that. So it's hard to feel like I've "made it big".  I don't really feel like I have much to offer that's "special". Not that anyone else can't do at least. I mean, I've lost a considerable amount of weight after babies, I inspire others to know it's possible, and I keep a light spin on the weight loss game... but that's it. I feel like anyone can do what I've done. I just don't give a shit that people know it. I don't hold back and I tell it like it is. Is that something to be famous for? I don't think so.  I try to stay humbled and grounded, but helping others out has really become my passion. And if I can get a few laughs in the process that's a bonus!

B.) Does your husband ever get pissed about the time spent on social media?  From the time I get home to the time I go to bed at night, I try to spend minimal time on my phone, ie social media. I'll post some pictures or whatever, but mostly, I try to be present wherever I am. Not glued to my phone. He sometimes gets a little frustrated when I am emailing at night, so I try to keep it short. But he knows my blog generates income, so he understands.  And just to be clear, that is just recent that I've started to generate income. I have gone 4 years without making a single cent off my blog and was completely happy with JUST helping others. But if I can make some extra money by doing what I already do, scoreballs.
C.) What are the downsides of being so public?  Criticism. Period. I don't mind putting it all out there for the benefit of others. I am a realist and know that things are not always perfect. Not in life, not in marriage, not in weight loss. And I share that with people because I want others to know that you can fuck up and still keep going. It's not the end of the world. YOU are the deciding factor.  But with all that openness comes a lot of critiquing and criticism. Over the years I've learned to just brush it off. I'd be lying if I said it doesn't still sting though. But I know there is WAY more positive than negative things that are a result of my being so open. It's just part of it. 

Really y'all, I'm just a regular girl who figured out the secret to weight loss: THERE IS NO FUCKING SECRET!  It's hard and it's unfair and it's bullshit. But it's life. And YOU are the only one that can change yourself. Not your husband, not your kids, not your best friend... YOU.  You make the decision every day to eat healthy or to eat shit. Hopefully it's not ACTUAL shit. That's pretty nasty.

And I screw up, too. A LOT. I'm not perfect and I've never claimed to be. My weight fluctuates. I've seen the 130's all the way to the 200's. And now I want to see the 120's so bad I could shit glitter.  And it's tough. I'll own up to that. I will always be 100% honest with you all. Because I've been through hell and back. I've sweated more than 12 whores at church camp. And I did it all because a fire was lit under my ass and I wasn't going to take NO for an answer. Because I knew I was capable of more than what I was doing. Because I love a good, hard (peens) challenge. 

I'm here to tell you, ANYTHING is possible. I don't care if you have 200 lbs. to lose! You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to.  It just takes a little bit of heart and a whole lot of dedication!

What are you waiting for? You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose but pounds!


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