Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Enjoying Life's Big Moments

Hey Ladies! I'm Danielle, 29yr old SAHM of a 3 year old boy named Jordan. I blog over at The Beginning of All Wisdom where I often talk about my love for my family and friends. Stop by and say "hi" sometime!

I've started and stopped this post several times in the past week. My husband and I are going on a 5 day vacation to Cancun for our anniversary and I am beyond excited. We haven't been on a big vacation since before I had Jordan and it is long overdue! When we planned this vacation, I was not in the "healthy lifestyle" frame of mind. When we booked this trip I was screaming "BRING ON THE ALL INCLUSIVE." But now, a small part of me is scared to go. I started changing up my eating habits, tracking my calories, and working out at the end of July. Since then, I've lost a total of 9lbs. Am I excited? Of course! I'm starting to see the small changes. My hard work is beginning to show. And most of all, other people are starting to notice! So, Danielle, what's the problem?!?

The problem is that food will be accessible 24hrs a day, for 5 days! I can ward off the alcohol, I'm not a big drinker, but food, now you are speaking my language.

As I was talking to my husband about my "dilemma" last night he didn't understand. I need to start by saying that my husband is beyond encouraging. He loves me just the way that I am, despite what size I am. He has noticed the new changes in my body and comments daily on how beautiful I am. But the bottom line is, he doesn't get it. He has never, and probably will never, have to struggle with weight.

On my run this morning I made a decision. I decided to live. I decided not to be scared of going on a vacation with my husband because of food. Food will no longer run my life. Food will no longer keep me from enjoying time with my family. Food (or restaurant choices) will not control conversations. I will no longer be the girl that has a small meltdown in the car before going into a restaurant because nothing on the menu is healthy. It's up to me now. My choices are my decisions and I have to live with it. I will not beat myself up over a cupcake. We may not get another vacation like this for a while. I would be mad at myself if I didn't experience another country for all that it has to offer. 

Does this decision mean that I'm saying "to hell with my healthy lifestyle?" NOT.AT.ALL.  My decision means that I have decided to enjoy myself. To not trap myself inside of my own head. To enjoy every moment that life has to offer. I know that I won't regret it!

Thanks for reading!
My husband, Jordan, and I.


  1. Danielle, Thank you for writing this piece. First, you and your family are beautiful. Secondly, I am sure many of us can relate to the melt down in the car scenario! I can't tell you how many times I've studied a menu and gotten frazzled because there JUST ISN'T ANYTHING FOR ME!!!! But really, it's ok to have a treat now and then, we just need to do it in moderation......and not eat every meal like it is the last meal we are EVER going to eat.

    You are welcome back anytime! ~ Jen J.

  2. I love this post! Danielle I think you comeoletely have the right mind set for your vacay! You will be fine while your gone and I bet you don't gain a thing! We only get so many chances in life that truly permit indulgence and this is one of them, and I bet since you have already changed your lifestyle you will not eat as much as you think you will! Lucky girl! :)

  3. such a great post Danielle ... i know exactly what you are talking about since i've began my quest for a healthy lifestyle too. like this weekend, i'll be with my sisters and i know that i'll eat things that i shouldn't and i was going to beat myself up about it ... but i'm not. i'll enjoy myself, but i won't go crazy. but i can't let food control me either.

    loved this post. you are so beautiful and so is your family!

  4. Beautiful family... I'm so glad you've let go of the food stress for your vacation and can just enjoy yourself! Soak it up and have fun!!

  5. Beautiful family! I'm so completely jealous of your vacation to Cancun. My husband and I dream of going on a trip without the kids someday.

    Jen, I nominated your awesomeness for a Versatile Blogger award. :)

  6. Great post! Your thoughts pretty much sum up how we should all feel everyday. Make smart choices but don't beat yourself up for not making "perfect" choices. Have a wonderful time with your husband, who sounds like a great guy, btw. Check back in and tell us how you did!

  7. It's always hard to decide to live it up. I know in the past sometimes that living it up (while in Vegas for example) lead to me totally falling off my diet. I think that is the difference between a diet and changing your lifestyle though. If you are in the right frame of mind you can go on vacation and enjoy yourself and the food and still be in control.


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