Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What to do when you feel like giving it up

So – this was supposed to be a post about that 3 day detox I was trying.  Well, seeing how I quit the detox due to starvation after lunch on the second day, I figured there wasn’t much to talk about.  Here’s the deets for those who insist on knowing…

I lost 2.6lbs in 2 days.  That wasn’t what I intended.  I wanted a detox because I hadn’t been eating very clean the weeks leading up to said detox.  Day one was ok.  Was a little hungry, but I soldiered on.  After breakfast of day 2 I started feeling weak.  After lunch on day 2 my hands were shaking and my stomach was growling so loud others were starting to take notice! Needless to say, I dropped the detox after that.  I am all for eating clean but not for starvation.  It might work for one of you, but did not work for me.

So, on to the actual post…What to do when you feel like giving it up?

I’ve seen a few posts in the group asking what to do about a plateau.  What to do when you have fallen off the wagon.  What to do when you have no motivation.

First: realize you are not alone.  This happens to everyone at some point in time.  Some are just not as vocal about it.  Luckily for you, I am a complete open book (sometimes to a fault) and share everything that I experience: good, bad, and ugly.

Second: keep going.  Know that this too shall pass…ugh didn’t I really just f***ing say that?  Yes, I did.  Want to know why?  BECAUSE IT WILL PASS…if you keep going. 

I started October 2008 at 220lbs (5’ 8”).  I lost 40lbs with ease.  Then gained 10, lost 20, gained 10, lost 10, gained 20…and so on for a few years.  I wasn’t committed during that losing/gaining period.  Finally in February 2012 at 191lbs I recommitted myself.  As of today, I’m 166.  I hit a plateau at 170-172 for 9 weeks.  I was working out.  I was counting my points.  I was doing everything I was supposed to.  I felt good, but wasn’t losing. 

Was it discouraging? YES, very.  But as you can see by all the ups and downs I experienced in the past…when I plateaued, I said “f*** it!”…and that’s how you get the yo-yo effect, NOT DESIREABLE.

Change it up: start mixing up your calories.  Spread your calories over 5 or 6 mini meals.  Eat less for dinner, more for breakfast.  Stop eating at least 2 hours before bedtime.  Cut out the booze *gasp*…for at least a few days.  The point it, do something different than you’re doing now.  EVEN IF you’re “following the rules”, follow them in a different way.  Eventually it will catch on.

So…what do YOU do when you feel like giving it up?

Jen S.

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  1. Cut out the booze?? nooooo haha! Those plateau's are horrible. My husband is on one and said he wanted to just eat a whole pan of brownies. It's a good thing we don't have any!

  2. Thank you. I appreciate you telling the whole world your story, and letting us live it with you. Thank you for making me smile

  3. When I want to give up....
    I think of having to start over.
    I think of my father who passed away recently
    I think of being a role model for my children
    I think of the life I want to live
    I think of the life I have lived
    I think of the 5000 other women who are struggling along with me



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