Monday, November 5, 2012

31 Days of Jillian Challenge Results.

A big thanks to Sarah, Melissa, and Kristi, who were not only brave enough to take on the 31 Days of Being Jillian's Biotch Challenge but were also brave enough to share/show their results with us. A huge thank you to you three for your contributions.  This challenge certainly was NOT easy and I'm proud of you!  Let's congratulate these three and ALL the other finishers with some comment love below.  And now here's Sarah, Melissa, and Kristi in their own words.

// Sarah D.
8.6lbs lost (had a major cheat weekend so technically lost more than that but that's my from beginning weight to ending weight difference)

5.75" lost overall

Didn't quite make everyday but exercised a hell of a lot more than September!!

//Melissa L.
I lost 10 pounds and 15.75 inches, including 2 inches off my waist, 3.5 inches off my chest, and 2.25 inches off my hips. I did 10 days of each level of the 30 Day Shred. Then I did all three levels on Halloween. On all but 6 days of the month, I also did more cardio, like running or Zumba. I ate about 1500 calories each day and tracked it all on MFP. I am very happy with my results and very proud to have completed the challenge!

//Kristi G.  
31 days ago...
...I didn't believe I would last more than 1 day so I even didn't bother taking measurements.
...I failed at half of a modified push up. I couldn't push, much less go up.
...I couldn't do 10 jumping jacks (ok I'll be honest I couldn't even do 5).
...I longed to be able to just keep up with Anita.
...I couldn't even think about doing a plank pose.
...I considered Jillian the craziest assed person and hated her with a passion.
...I couldn't do 5 inverted sit ups or even know what an inverted sit up was.
...I had so little confidence in my strength and endurance.
...I was a completely different person.
What a difference 31 days makes! Can I do a full push up yet? No, but I can do a crazy modified one with sweat dripping down my nose that I can be personally proud of for completing. I can try, even if I cannot complete, a Natalie version of each set. Because I now love Jillian I know that without a doubt I can get through her RI30 (and am going to start today). I am on my way to be a fit, trim, pretty on the outside (as well as the inside), powerful, thunder-force of a woman. So watch out Jillian, Anita, Natalie, Mama L., She-Ra, Beyonce, Hookstars, and Wonder Woman - because there's no telling what I can do in the next 31 days!


  1. Congratulations ladies! You all look fabulous!

  2. Awesome job ladies!!! I'm jumped on the bandwagon too, day four today!!

  3. YOU. inspire. me. I just want you to know that I am starting 30DS because of your results pictures.

    Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your awesome results!

  4. Great job completing the challenge ladies! And the results speak for themselves. I quit halfway through the month so my results were less than stellar, but I'm starting over again for November. It only gets easier, right?

  5. Wow! You ladies are amazing and I'm so proud of all of you!! Thanks for inspiring me to get back into the game and get my Jillian on!

  6. GREAT JOB ladies, that is no easy feat!! I'm very proud of all of you who completed the challenge and so happy for your results! Lookin' good!!

  7. Look at those results ladies! Way to go! Even if the scale didn't say much you totally have amazing results in the photos and your fitness levels! Great job!!

  8. Way to go ladies!!!! I'm so proud of you.

  9. Congrats ladies! Way to commit to a whole month of Jillian (something that would terrify me personally) and clearly it has paid off!


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