Tuesday, November 27, 2012

First Annual MLFC Retreat. // Angela H.

A big thanks to Angela H. for organizing and putting together these details for the First Annual MLFC Retreat!  Yay!  GET EXCITED!!  Details will continue to develop so please keep checking the MLFC's Retreat event.  Here's what Angela H. has worked out so far!...... 

Dates: Check-in - Thursday, June 20th; Check-out - Sunday, June 23rd (if you're coming after the 20th or leaving before the 23rd, don't sweat it....or sweat it because we're all about fitness!)

Hotel Room Stuff: We've got a room block at the hotel for $85/night (tax not included). If you're rooming by yourself, that's the cost. If you're rooming with somebody, divide that # by 2. If you're brave and want to room with 2 roomies and one of you crazy ladies are sleeping in the bathtub, then divide that # by 3.  A reservations link will be provided as soon as it is available. 

Registration Fee: $15...here's the serious nitty gritty. This fee will go towards the overall participation fee and is based on 100 attendees. This fee reserves your spot and is non-refundable. This fee needs to be paid by Monday, January 17th. I've set up a PayPal account for you to pay this, so the payment is done safely.  Click here. 

Participation Fee: still up in the air...this depends on the total number of people who go. The more people who go, the lower the participation fee. I'm not anticipating the overall participation fee to be more than $50. (Again, you'll already be paying $15 of this amount through the registration fee.) 

Agenda: Thursday, June 20th - get thee to Dallas!; Friday, June 21st - a free for all, do whatever you want!; Saturday, June 22nd - We'll have one of the ballrooms during the day for breakout sessions for Zumba, Jillian, whatever. We're also planning on having some guest speakers...that evening we'll have a farewell reception so we can get our drink on!; Sunday, June 23rd - head home and recover from all the craziness!

Other Stuff: We'll have complimentary continental breakfast, and ALL attendees will be given VIP shopping and dining discount cards. We're also working on some contests and raffles so you guys can win some fabulous prizes. 

// Angela H.


  1. How exciting!!! I'm only about 2 hours away. I should be able to make it!!

  2. Do you need someone to teach the Zumba? I'm a Zumba instructor...I was thinking of going...but I might solidify those plans if I was teaching my beloved Zumba there! :) Let me know!

  3. SOOO EXCITED!!! Now who is from MN/ND Area!!!!


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