Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The BEST Kind of Before and After. // Brenna C.

Hi, remember me?

(NOT a current picture.  I wish.)

You may have read my earlier post , featured on this wonderful, Mama Laughlin-inspired blog when it was first created.  Well, I’ve come a long way in a not-so-long period of time, and I am thrilled to share my results with you.


And damn, does it feel good.

(You only took 5 years to get back here...but that includes two pregnancies, so let’s just forget about that, shall we?)

I could give you a list of foods that I ate (everything in moderation, and lots of veggies) or of the exercises I did (running, Zumba, Body Pump), but do you want to know the REAL secret to my success?  Really and truly?

It’s this:  something just “clicked”.

That is the only way I can describe it.  I mean, let’s be honest.  We all KNOW that eating less and exercising more will help you drop pounds.  That’s not a surprise to anyone.  I think we’re all starting to realize that the TOUGHEST part about losing weight - for most people - is the mental aspect of it.  Being able to motivate ourselves to get in more activity.  Being able to say no to those extra portions.  Having the confidence to know that we CAN succeed...all of that is HARD!

And to be perfectly frank, it wasn’t clicking for me.  It just wasn’t.  For five years.   Until I found Mama Laughlin’s blog.  She had the same start weight as me, kids around the same age, and suddenly, it hit me: if she did it, I could too.  Sure, I had lots to lose, and yes, it would be difficult due to having two young kids at home.  But there, in front of me, was proof that it COULD be done.  And in that moment, I realized what was holding me back for so long: fear.   The fear that my journey would become too hard, the fear that I would fail, the fear that I was doomed to be heavy many self-defeating worries.

And once I realized this, and even more importantly, realized that I was WRONG about all of those things - I was able to shut off that awful, negative voice inside of my head, and start on the road to success.

And succeed I did.  I went from 198 pounds...... 155.8 (my goal was 157)
....dropped many inches and pant sizes, and gained SO MUCH self esteem.  I feel like myself again.

What a great gift to give myself!

// Brenna C.


  1. You look great! To be honest, you looked great at your starting weight too! Congratulations!

  2. You look amazing! Congratulations!

    I agree, this time something just clicked for me, there's no other way to explain it.


  3. YAY!!!! Looking good mama!! Congrats!

  4. Congrats to you! You look awesome!!

    I was just telling hubby about that this weekend. It just "clicks" and you do it! Something just changes and you stop making excuses and just go for it. Love it, girl!

  5. You look AMAZING!!! Thank you for this post, I know what's holding me back is ALL mental : (

  6. Congratulations! You are an inspiration to us all! Lookin' great lady!!

  7. You look really good!! Thanks for the confirmation that it can be done!! Just another post to keep me and the rest of us motivated:)

  8. You look great and you can tell in the pictures how good you feel! The fear of failure is what holds me back too, but I'm taking it one day at a time, and I'm doing it. Sometimes I feel like a big wuss though when the going gets tough and I'm sore and blah blah blah blah blah....excuses, excuses, excuses.....Y'all did it! So can we!!!! Thank you so much for the inspiration and motivation!

  9. Love your blog... you are so inspiring!

  10. You are a lovely and inspiring Momma! ;)

  11. You go girl! I just hit my goal weight too and it's so true, something just needs to "click" can't go cold turkey, need to keep up your exercise but also have a free meal once a week so you're not daydreaming about food. It's so much fun to look at before and after pictures and I'm sure you feel the same way that it's exciting to get dressed every day now. What a great example you are setting for your kids and keep it up hot momma!

  12. You look fantastic. Thank you for the inspiration!

  13. Thanks for the comments, ladies!

    And if you want to see my personal blog, it's


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