Thursday, November 1, 2012

Your Three Words. // Jen J.

I like to think of November as the month of gratitude.  In honor of November I thought it would be fun to host a photo project throughout the month.  The title of this little project is called, "My Three Words" and will feature photos of YOU giving thanks to the members of Mama Laughlin's Fit Camp group and the success and motivation it has brought you.  Your participation is easy, all you have to do is hold up a sign with three words that represent what this group and your wellness journey means to you.

Mama Laughlin and I are honored to kick things off with our interpretation of the project.  We are both very thankful for Fit Camp and the motivation and companionship it has brought us.   I would also like to personally thank everyone for their contributions to Fit Camp - whether it be posting questions in the group, giving someone praise, participating in a challenge, or contributing a guest post to Fitness Unscripted.  The success of the group is not because of Mama or the Camp Counselors - it is all because of YOU! 
Mama Laughlin // To Inspire Others.
Jen J. // Stronger. Leaner. Faster.
 See, I told you, easy, peasy!  Here are the details.

1)  Take a picture of yourself and a sign with your three words and ONLY three words.
2)  The sign must be hand written, no photo editing and typing your words in.
3)  Be creative. 
4)  Email your picture to with the subject, "My Three Words".

I hope to get enough photos to feature them in a weekly Fitness Unscripted post throughout November and maybe a few on the Fitness Unscripted Facebook page.  So get to snapping!

Thanks in advance.


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