Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Last Loser Standing. // Ellen & Emily

Hello Everyone! We are Ellen & Emily, and we have a NEW challenge for you!

Ellen:  Wow I feel so famous for being able to post on here. Elbow Elbow Wrist Wrist Touch Your Pearls and Blow a Kiss. I don’t actual own any pearls nor have we ever been a beauty pageant queen (or contestant) but thanks to everyone on MLFC I am well on my way to being "Miss I actually weigh what my driver’s license says I weigh". I joined MLFC at the beginning of October and was lucky enough to get in on the Holiday Challenge that started October 17th and will end on Dec 5th. The challenge has helped me stay accountable for my actions, push through the rough patches, and really start to drop the pounds. I was really nervous that once this challenge was over that I would go back to old habits (they die hard) and just put the weight back on so I wanted to create another challenge to allow me to stay accountable and also do what I do best: compete with other people for a prize (yes I said a prize).

Emily: Ellen is actually my team leader for the previous challenge, and when I saw her idea I immediately wanted to be a part. I am VERY competitive and whenever a competition is involved, I'm "all in!"

I started this weight loss journey just a few months ago, and have lost over 20 lbs. I created a blog called, My Uncharted Territory, in the process to help me stay accountable and to record my progress. Being involved with you ladies has impacted my weight loss more then anything I've tied before. I can't explain to anyone how this community is something that has changed my life. These challenges are just another way to bring us all together for a common goal, to better ourselves.

But enough about us- time to discuss the challenge!

We are calling this challenge, "The Last Loser Standing." This is a straightforward challenge, being that all you have to do is lose weight (doesn’t matter how much) or maintain your current weight (not an ounce over) to stay in the competition. No percentages, no teams, nothing confusing.

We have created a new Facebook group (we know, not ANOTHER Facebook group) for you to join to stay updated on the group's progress and how many are still competing. To enter the challenge all you have to do is join the group.

RULES: We are only going to allow 500 people to do this challenge because otherwise it might never end. The challenge will start on Wednesday December 12th, and will continue until there is just one person remaining. On each Tuesday morning we will post on the Facebook page a “weigh in word” for the week. You must write this word on a piece of paper and place it on or near your scale. When you weigh yourself for the week you must take a picture of your feet and word on the scale and send this picture to All pictures MUST be sent in no later than Wednesday at 11:59pm CST. If you do not get your picture in on time you will be eliminated from the competition. When you send the picture please put your full name (first AND last) and current weight in the subject line before you send the picture. On Thursday we will go through all the e-mails and update a spreadsheet for everyone to see.

Now back to the prize. While we think being able to say you won the last loser standing out of 499 other people is prize enough, we are both prize oriented losers, so we wanted to be able to give the lucky loser something tangible. Ellen was lucky enough to get her hands on a Fitbit Ultra for the lucky lady (or gent?) who can be claimed the last loser standing.

We look forward to seeing you all in the facebook group! So good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

//Ellen & Emily


  1. Awesome ladies! I want that Fitbit!

  2. Love this and I am defiantly getting nervous about my eating habits and my weight with Christmas coming up!! This is what I need!!! I love the challenge that is fixing to end because I had to email my picture every Wednesday to someone and I wanted it to be a lower number EVERY week!!! Thanks ladies!!

  3. Awesome! Love it! Totally the motivation I need

  4. Awesome! Love it! Totally the motivation I need

  5. This is exactly what I needed. I have lost my workout motivation and this competition had already sparked it.

    I'm so excited!

  6. I've skimmed through this several times. I just read the whole thing and I LOVE how you ended it!!!

  7. Effie Trinkett in the HOUSE!! lol. Love the idea.

  8. This sounds exactly like what I need! Just send my request to join :)


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