Friday, January 4, 2013

Goals of 2013. // Jen J.

I still don't feel normal and my rash is still in full effect, but the BF and I are spending a quiet Friday night in, eating sushi and watching the Cotton Bowl, so I figured it was a good time to document my goals for the year.

1.  My ass needs to stop tinkering with my iphone while driving.  I am officially out of control and am full on addicted to my electronic anchor.  I think I've developed ADHD because I need to be entertained all the time now and am constantly checking social media.  Almost instinctively anytime I hit a red light I reach for the phone, which is typically placed in my cup holder, to take a peak at what's going on with you guys.  This is not good.  I am a ticking time bomb.  Safety first, and I vow to break this habit.

2.  Get to my goal weight of 160 L-Bs.  That's about twenty pounds away from where I stand now which is totally doable.  I am already down 20 pounds from where I was last year so I know I can do this but I am really having a hard time bouncing back from the holidays.  You'd think I'd have major motivation considering my impending boudoir shoot but I don't.  I have also promised myself a pair of diamond studs once I reach goal.  I don't know how I will pay for them just yet, but I will make them mine by the end of the year.

3.  The bedroom needs a minor makeover.  This is my bedroom as is.

I am fine with the paint color and the major bones of the room.  However, I threw out my curtains a few months ago because they were ugly and annoying me and I've yet to replace them.  Their replacement is contingent on me first finding a new duvet and bedding set and then matching everything.

Thank goodness I just have the woods in my backyard so I don't have to worry about anyone catching me naked.

I also am in the market for a new chair to go between the red dresser and leaning book shelf.  I had a brown velvet one there but I recently gave it to my sister for her first apartment.  I was sick of it and it wasn't all that comfortable.   Lastly, this leaning book shelf needs to go.  I hate it.  I never really liked it that much but it was on clearance.  I want to replace it with staggered shelves that are actually hung on the wall.   P.S. I am not a fan of the HUGE television on the dresser, that was the BFs idea - but also see goal #5. 

4.  Use my passport.  Traveling is my thing.  Each year I take a big trip and the last couple years the trips have been domestic (Boston, Alaska, and Hawaii).  It's time earn another stamp.  Accomplishing this goal really came to fruition a lot sooner than anticipated.  Just today, my girlfriend Allison and I booked a long weekend trip to Jamaica!  It's an all inclusive deal to Runaway Bay for early March.  This time of year when the days are short and the weather cold, I just need a little something to get me through to spring so hopefully this will do the trick.  And yes, we are leaving the boys home.  Girls trip!

5.  To be a better GF to the BF.  You better believe that I can be a control freak and perhaps a nag from time to time.  Admittedly, I think I am right most all of the time and that I do things the right way.  I'll ask the BF to do something but then end up offering suggestions on how it can be done better or just redo it myself.  Well plain and simple, I don't like it when someone does that to me so I need to chill the eff out and learn to chose my battles. 

So that's my top five.  Wish me luck.


  1. I need to leave my phone alone in the car also. You are going to be at 160 in no time. Just keep sweating in that basement.

  2. I need to leave my phone alone in the car also. You are going to be at 160 in no time. Just keep sweating in that basement.

  3. I know you posted asking if anyone else had done a boudoir shoot and i did back in november. I was TERRIFIED to do it because as open as I am I hated putting myself out there. I had only lost about 17 pounds before I had done the shoot and I was aiming closer to 25 pounds. Ya know what though? For the first time in my life I looked at my pictures and felt good about what I saw. I didn't nit pick or criticize myself in the pictures, and I go back and look at them more often than I would like to admit LOL. You're going to do awesome in the shoot and if need be- just bring a friend and a bottle or two of wine :p

  4. Jealous you are going to Jamaica! I could definitely use some warm weather right now! How fun!

  5. I need to leave my phone alone too! I don't touch it while im moving but the minute I stop I pick it up!

  6. I think there are apps out there that will disable your phone while you're driving - I know AT&T has one called DriveMode that is free. If you're checking your phone subconsciously, this might be a good way to start nipping it in the bud!

  7. Put your purse in the backseat with your phone in it!

  8. Great goals! My goals are a little less glamorous.. like making a Will (gasp i know, not married with two kids), financial goals, and family photos


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