Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Rash that Never Was. // Jen J.

Jiminy Cricket.

I am so annoyed.

The rash that two doctors and two nurses diagnosed as an allergic reaction to the antibiotic Amoxicillin, which I was prescribed for Strep throat, was not an allergic reaction after all.

After suffering through a round of Prednisone I was not seeing any improvement. In fact, my skin became more and more irritated. It's painful to wear jeans and twisting to Jillian's mother effing workouts hurts. That biotch is kicking me while I'm down.

On Monday night I could not sleep - because yes - it also hurts to sleep so I got up and perused through various medical websites convinced that I was suffering from something more than an allergic reaction.

A little tap-tap-tap of the iPad and I found this thing called Guttate Psoriasis which is actually triggered by Strep. The pictures and symptoms matched up. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease. I  already have Ulcerative Colitis, which is also an autoimmune thing and unfortunately if you have one autoimmune issue you typically have two, or three.

After my self diagnosis, I was on the phone first thing in the morning with my dermatologist's office trying to get an appointment. Thankfully they were able to get me in yesterday and my doctor took one look at the sores that took up residence on my body and confirmed my diagnosis.

I got some ointment and will be starting light therapy on Friday. I'll have to do the light therapy thing 3 X a week until I go into remission. FML, who has time for that??? Supposedly it can take several weeks to clear up. This leaves me clenching my fists with anger. Triple FML. I have things on the docket that require good skin.
  •  The laser hair removal is postponed indefinitely.  My first treatment was scheduled for last week.
  • I have a boudoir photo shoot scheduled for February 24th and the show must go on.  This is a Groupon deal and the photog has set dates which are all booked.
  • My girls trip to Jamaica is approximately six weeks away and I was planing on living in my swimsuit.
  • My four year anniversary with the BF is today and I'd like some sexy time, but it's hard to find the sexpot looking like a leper.  I guess it will be lights out.  Ooooorrr maybe, I'll get him to slather me with the ointment as foreplay.  Romantic.  Meow.
Sad panda.  And just for a little sympathy, here's what I'm dealing with.  This is my leg.  It also covers my hooters, belly, and bum.  But my face is clear, so yay! for that.

I allowed myself to be a complete grump yesterday.  But I've got to get over it.  It's not a terminal illness.  I still have my limbs and a good ticker so life is good and I'm functional.  Oh and thank you Jesus that I have health insurance....but I still got to pay an office co-pay of $35 per light therapy session.  Do the math.  Grrrr.  

Thanks for letting me rant and I promise this will be my last fully dedicated post regarding the "rash".


  1. aww boo. and you can totally continue to complain! completely random is there a planet fitness near you? ive heard they have red light therapy, and its only 10 a month.. might not be the same kind you need though?

  2. Good for you for not settling on the first docs diagnosis. We know when things aren't right and now you can heal properly! Sorry you are hurting though. Happy Anniversary to you and BF! I like the lotion foreplay idea!

  3. Just remember that you now have a diagnosis, GO YOU!!!!, and a treatment for it. Hoping it goes into remission soon. Happy annniversary and I love the lotion foreplay idea! Way to look for the silver lining.

  4. O.M.G. at least it has the correct diagnosis now! ..fingers crossed it goes away in a week-or two at most, cause you lady have some serious living to do in february!! ...happy annviersary! ..

  5. What would we do without the internet? At least you have figured out what it is and you can begin treating the real problem. Fingers and toes crossed that it's cleared up by the photo shot and girls trip!

  6. Poor girl not fun. Upside is the photog should be able to photoshop the rash out. And 35 isn't that bad it could be worse:) trying to cheer you up. :) sucky that it took you to figure it out weeks later. Kudos to you for busting a move even tho your in pain.

  7. I have been going through the exact same thing for 3 weeks now! The doctor said it was allergic reaction but we don't know to what..The first few days it was on my face and all...I got prescribed prednisone and all it did was make me swell up and gain weight. I have an appointment with a dermatologist on monday, hoping to get some answers. It's the most uncomfortable thing ever!

  8. Sweet Jesus, you poor thing! Here's my story about Psoriasis... my son has it and his first (and really only) outbreak came after a bout with Strep Throat. Doctors couldn't figure out what these spots were that he was getting all over his body (head/upper eye lid/leg/bum/etc.) so they finally sent us to a derm. Took the derm all of 2.5 seconds to say "oh yeah, he has Psoriasis." The creams didn't help at all so eventually he started light therapy. 3x a week for a few solid weeks, maybe a couple of months, and he was clear. You can never tell when another outbreak will happen, but they assure me at some point it'll come back for him. It's been like 6 years since then so I'm considering him/us pretty lucky that he's been so long w/o it. He does have a couple of spots right now but they're the first two that I've seen in years and they're tiny. Anyways, sorry to turn this into a story about us, I just wanted to share and let you know you're not alone, and that hopefully the light therapy will be helpful for you too! I hate that you have so much to deal with... no, it's not a terminal illness, but it still sucks and you have every right to be grumpy.

  9. MMM on that copay - ask the billing dept if this falls under a global copay and if so for how long

  10. That's terrible! but at least it's properly diagnosed now. Hopefully it clears up asap!

  11. You might love light therapy. Aren't you glad you have to diagnose yourself??? That's what happens when you are an educated, empowered, amazing bitch like yourself. You go! To. Light. Therapy.


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