Thursday, February 7, 2013

Accountability. // Felecia C.

DISCLAIMER: I am not an English professor, I write just exactly like I talk, which sometimes is in circles. Apologies in advance for all the grammatical and punctuation errors, I love commas, what can I say? Hope you all enjoy.

: the quality or state of being accountable; especially : an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions

Noun? Really? Because in my world, it’s a verb, an action word. It does something. It makes me move, it makes me make better food decisions, it drives me.

I can put my finger on it, I know exactly when it happened, that magical “click”. It happened when I started being held accountable.

Let’s rewind for a minute-some of you, like me, have been around MLFC since jump. I love you women, I’m addicted to you women, I love keeping up with what’s going on in your lives. Sure I’m nosey, but mostly I just care. I’ve found a place where I can be honest about my life, and what’s going on it, FR or NFR. I don’t ever stop and think about what I’m posting (pretty obvious-huh?) or how it will be reacted to because we are all on this journey together. But let’s be honest-how many of us were/are just logging on and looking for something to give us a swift kick in the ass? I know for a while I was, and some days I still do. But it wasn’t until the Team Challenge that I really started being held accountable for my choices. I didn’t do so hot during the challenge, I’ll be honest, my life was crazy busy, and my weight fluctuated A LOT in between the same damn 5 pounds. But I will be forever grateful that I joined….why? Because my team leader has turned into my biggest cheerleader and the person who will give me that swift kick that I often need. It was the end of the challenge and she sent an email out saying that some of the teams were talking about staying in touch, and did we want to? I kind of grimaced and sent back “sure”. In my mind, I didn’t want to be held accountable, I had lost about 25 pounds since joining MLFC, I had pretty much plateaued for a couple of months and well why do more, it wasn’t working anyways? Well, none of the other ladies in our group responded, so it was just me and her.

A few weeks into emailing back and forth a little, it happened. I started feeling like I couldn’t let her down. And once we started talking about all kinds of stuff, not just our fitness journey, but what was going on in our lives, or how we were feeling, we started getting to be closer, and the pounds started coming off again! That “click” we always talk about IT HAPPENED!

Now, I have a great husband, awesome “real life” friends and people that know about my journey all over in my life, but this girl? She’s made all the difference in the world! She runs when the temperature is below freezing, and her sidewalks are full of snow and ice-then what do I do? Well, I run that’s what I do, I can’t let my measly little rain or 40 degree weather stop me, what kind of excuse would that be? She tells me she’s working out, and asks about my workouts, and I can’t let her down! Gosh no. She tells me she’s trying to stay away from the Mt. Dews so I ask her about it. I know that I will hear from her every day, and every day she will ask me what my plans are for that day. We hold each other accountable-and it’s the best thing that’s happened to me on this journey. She gets me. She’s on the same path, she has similar goals, and we have a lot in common.

Being accountable to myself is important, and being accountable to you ladies is important, but let’s face it, if I hide in the pantry and eat half a box (ok a whole box) of Thin Mints, I’m not logging that shit, so you ladies will never know. Then come weigh in I’m all alone standing on the scale cussing myself for not being honest with myself, or all of you but- I will be accountable to her, I owe it to her, because she’s accountable to me. One person seeing where I fail is what I needed. Is it what you need?

It’s amazing to me how many women we have in this group of ours, and how so many of us are facing the same uphill battle. I’m thankful for each and every one of you. At the same time, I encourage you to find someone that will hold you accountable. Email her, text her, call her, whatever you need to do.

Nicole- Thanks for being my accountability partner and my friend! I truly am SO VERY thankful to and for you! You have pushed me and inspired me so many times, and because of you I am further along in this than I ever really saw possible. Love ya girl!

// Felecia C.


  1. Aww! Love this, and I too, am thankful for this group !

  2. Love this Felicia! I'm so thankful for you girls.

  3. This is great stuff....and now I want to know where this Nicole's blog is..or at least have her text me. :)

  4. love it! I feel like I have a similar experience with having great support help push me!


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