Friday, February 1, 2013

Tick Tock Goes the Biological Clock. // Lora.

True life: my ovaries are old.
Let's just cut right to the chase with that.

I'm Lora and I blog over at Raising Steppe Sisters.
You may be wondering if I have my own blog, why the crap am I here??
Well, my ovaries' age are a blog that I am okay with sharing since I recently found out that more people than you would think have trouble getting knocked up.
BUT I have people that read my blog that I work with and it's just kind of awkward to pass them in the hall and feel like they are staring at my old ovaries and having a pity party for us.

So I wanted to talk about it....but not so much on my blog.
And what's a blogger to do when they want to blog but want it to be semi-private?
They take it to IG, of course!
(follow me on IG @MrsLoYoung)
I'm slightly addicted to good ole IG.
That's where Jen J told me that she would share her "home" with here I am.

First off, I'm 30.
That's not even that old, is it?
I remember when I thougth that was old...but I don't feel old.
I still feel like a misbehaving teenager sleeping with my husband every night. I forget that I'm the Mom now, I make the rules, I pay the bills, I'm in charge. And sometimes I let my husband pretend to be in charge. Sometimes.

So, basically, I didn't even realize I was old....but I went to the doctor and she gave me a talk.
A talk about how "once you reach 30, some people's ovaries age faster than other people's do...."
She lost me at the words "age faster".

So I quickly text all my friends that are 30 so they could suffer with me. True story.

Of course I didn't have the tests run, I would rather not have her tell me that I'm 30 and I have the ovaries of a 90 year old.
But they tested my blood.
And we found out that I'm not ovulating.

Why wasn't that happening when I was 20 and not trying to get knocked up?!
I love my kids dearly...but you should know that I accidentally got a positive sign on a pee stick when I was 20...and that plus sign turned into twins.
So, I wasn't trying for 1 baby and I got 2.

Now, I'm doing headstands, sleeping on pillows, and falling asleep after sex immediately so I don't walk around and all the good stuff fall out! And still no baby.
Sorry, TMI, but now you know why I needed to post this on someone else's blog!
Now, I have no real reason to complain...we have only been trying for about 4 to 5 months. I know there are many people out there that try for at least a year and still don't have a bun in their oven....but it doesn't make it hurt less.
It sucks each month when I see red.
As if we don't hate that time of the month anyways.
But now, each time, it's almost like another month wasted.
What did I do wrong?
Why is this not working?!
I think we are doing this sex thing right.....
it looks the same as it does on the videos that we watch.
Forget I said that part.

My doctor prescribed Clomid.
I think that's what it's called.
I will start it in a few days.
Apparently you take it for like 5 days and it will hopefully make me ovulate. It can cause multiples though....
and I already have multiples.
That's scary y'all.
I know how expensive buying 2 of everything is....but I'm okay with it.
I'd rather buy 2 of everything than not have a baby at all.
Looks like I can expect hot flashes.
{Hello old lady...}
And be poor husband.

But all in all, I'm excited about it.
I am a control freak...and making babies is one thing that no matter how hard you work for it, or how bad you want it, your chances don't necessarily get better.
Although I will gladly stay home from work to "try" all day long.

I think a lot more people go through this than we think.
So I want to hear from you!
Did you go through this? Any advice for me?
Except for telling me to try to stop thinking about it, I've heard all that before and I know, but it's not that easy.

Thanks for letting me share my story on this here blog.....I know we all can appreciate finding women who are in similar situations. Which is why the blogosphere is the best place to be!

Come visit me on my blog sometime and say Hi.


  1. Hi Lora! Thank you for sharing your story. While I can't relate to what you are going through, I just wanted to wish you luck and I hope everything works out like you want!

    1. Hi! Thanks so much! Glad I got to share...and I can still pass my coworkers in the hall with my head held high! :)

  2. I feel you, I have PCOS, I tried with my ex husband for 5 years, my fiance and I have been trying for a little over a year, nada :/

    1. Man, you should be writing the blog post, not me! Sorry for whining about my poor pitiful only 5 months of trying...but dang, I'm sure you can understand that it's frustrating!!! Good luck!

  3. Oh God. 30 really isn't that old, is it?? I'm 27, and Pete and I agreed to wait to have kids until I'm 30. He actually wanted to wait longer, but it took my mom 7 years to have her first kid so there's no way in hell I'm starting this train at 33! I'm freaking out, though! I have a thyroid/auto immune disorder (Hashimotos) that can cause fertility problems and I'm SO afraid that my thyroid and baby-making machinery are burning up as we speak! Thank goodness Pete's holding strong to the plan because I'm losing my willpower to stick to the agreed-upon timeline (um...babies are cute).
    I really, really hope you get knocked up soon, Lora!

    1. I sure don't think it's old!!!! 7 years?!?! holy crap! I'll stop trying once I reach 35...Lord knows I don't need to birth no babies after that!

  4. I'm almost's not old :) Best of luck with your blog!

    1. Thanks girlfriend! 30 is the new 20! #thatswhatItellmyself

  5. Awww girl - I am praying for you everyday.

  6. So, I had my youngest daughter when I was 35 and at that point the dr. gets to talk to you about your "advanced maternal age". Awesome. I don't think you should stress too much about being 30 and having a baby. As long as you are healthy, then there is no reason that your child shouldn't be. And just so you know, between you and skinnyMeg, I am sending out all the fertile vibes that I have!

    1. advanced maternal age???? oh gah!!! I'd like to think I'm least it gives me more motivation to stay healthy! thanks for the vibes girlfriend!

  7. I just turned 30 (yesterday haha) and I'd like to start trying again sooner rather than later.
    We already have one sweet little 16 month old and it only took us 2 months with him.
    But I hear how common it is for people not be so fertile myrtle and it scares me.
    I'm such a control freak and I don't want to get down if/when we start trying again and it takes a long time.
    I must learn to accept that it will happen when it happens!
    Thanks for sharing, Lora!

    1. 2 months is great!!! you never know, it might take you the same amoung of time on the second baby. happy late birthday!!!

  8. I used Clomid! One hot flashes!

    1. oh that is great to hear! Thank you!!

  9. Lora!!! Love your post! 30 is not old!!! My cousin was 38 with her last! It's really up to you! When you're old as balls aka 33, do you think you'll feel like chasing 2 year old triplets?!! I kid! Seriously, I was a month away from 30 when we adopted my daughter. I'll be 33 in 4 months and we are on the waiting list for a 2nd. I can't relate on the eggs/age thing! Buttttt I did take Clomid for 6 months. I read some things where peopl say they were raging bitches, cried a lot, had hot flashes, etc. but I had none of that. I was more emotional but that's because I was so stressed about not being able to get preggers. Drugs or not, I was crying one day and ready to fight my hubby the next. I was just anxious and afraid of the outcome. You read Skinny Meg right? She doesn't seem to complain about it too bad. Best of luck to you my love. I leave you with this...Kate Gosselin had twin girls before her sextuplets!!!! I kid! I kid!

    1. holy crap...I was totally with you until you made that last statement! omg!!! but......Kate Gosselin is probably a ton richer because of those sextuplets, let's focus on that!!!! :)

  10. Fingers and toes crossed for you sweetie!

  11. Thanks for sharing. Clomid is for men or women. Shane has been on it for 5 years. Yes, we've been trying for 5 years and still nothing. They said Clomid may or may not work and that it would be a small chance but he hates the way it makes him feel. It ups his testosterone and can make him pretty grumpy, impatient and jittery but may have different effects on women's. Good luck. At least you already have 2 beautiful girls. : ) I think it'll happen for you soon. : )

    1. You are so very right Laura, I'm glad I have the, 5 years. that's crazy! so many women deal with this and it's just a really really hard situation! Thanks for sharing. :)


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