Sunday, November 17, 2013

The detail fog.

Now that I am married, I am bored.  I am also slightly down and out.  There is all this build up and then in what seems a matter of seconds, it's over. That left me with the desire to come back here, dust off some cobwebs, and write.  If anything it lets me live out my 10 seconds of bridal bliss just a tad bit longer.  I am selfish that way.

Planning our Las Vegas nuptials was easy as far as weddings go.  It's not like had some elaborate huge wedding that involved cake tastings, seating assignments, and selecting chair covers.  I did all of my planning virtually through the use of The Knot , Etsy, and Pinterest.  Goodness, I have no idea what the brides of yesteryear did.  With in two weeks of being engaged I had the major bones taken care of: date, ceremony venue, and reception venue - without leaving the keyboard of my laptop.  After that I just engulfed myself in filling in all the details.  A task I very much enjoyed.  Like really enjoyed.  I honestly feel like I would enjoy event planning for a living.  And seriously, if there is anyway I can help any of you with any type of special event planning, I'd love to assist.  Seriously.  Or at the very least share your details with me.

I poured hours and a lot of money into the details.
Personalized Poker Chips.
Customized Swag Bags. 
Hangover kits.
Name tags w/ nod to how I know each individual.
Personalized wooden cake topper.

If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen all these pictures (and several more) before and are already aware of my love of details so I won't inundate you further.

What did I learn from all that money spent?  Honestly, guests - unless they are like me - generally do not give a rats ass about the individual details.  Boy guests don't care about cutesy swag bags; they care that you have cold beer and hot food.  The ladies are slightly more into it, but honestly my guests were getting buzzed up too and half of them lost track of their bags by the end of the night.  Good food and drinks - that's the priority!  Good times will follow.

I would also suggest before nitty gritty details make sure you have good entertainment/music, a professional photographer, and the bride & groom styled properly (great dress, hair, makeup, and suit for him).  That's just my two cents but with everything stay within your budget and what you can afford.

Do I regret spending the money and do I think my attention to detail was a waste of time?  The answer is a resounding no.  For the six months leading up to the wedding it was my hobby to plan, to locate unique things, and to be creative.  Hobbies cost money and take time.  It entertained me.  I loved every second of it.  I also enjoyed sharing my finds with the Instagram community and I grateful they humored me.  If you are reading this, thank you for humoring me further.

To quote Aristotle, "The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts".  Meaning that perhaps some of the individual details went on noticed, but all added together there was illuminating flare about our day that made it unique to us.  Tower and I were represented.  The last thing I wanted was a cookie cutter wedding.  I am biased, but certainly don't want to come off as pompous but I think we achieved that.  I am not saying our wedding was the fanciest wedding ever, in fact, I've been a to a New Jersey wedding (they sure know how to have weddings) that tops ours twice over.  But ours reflected us and gave me the best memories - to us that's a wedding win.  Ah, the sweet, sweet memories of having so many people we love from all facets of life in the same place at one time.  That is the best feeling ever.  My heart is still smiling.

It's only been a week, but so far married life is good.  Since we lived together for two years, I wouldn't say there was a major shift in the dynamic of our relationship but it seems to be more legit.  We are official.  He is my family.  I'd also like to add that made a pot roast this week and pancakes & bacon this morning.  How's that for my first week as a wife?  


  1. I'm so glad y'all had a great wedding, and even though the guests may not have noticed all the little details, those will be the things you remember when you look back on your special day. And for the record, I loved getting to see it all through Instagram!

  2. I am so happy you shared with us too.!! I am so uber happy for you, your marriage, your future and you wedding! love love girly!!

  3. Congratulations Jen! I have been following in Instagram as best I could, you looked amazing :) Looking back on our wedding, I wish we had eloped. But something I always recommend to people is to have great photography and also recommend a make up artist and hairdresser- it is a day where you want to present well (at least at the start of it before having some beverages ;) ) oh and you get a headache so always have some meds on hand to help! But it is over in a blink of an eye that is for sure. Sending you all the best for the future :) mwah xx ~ Kate McCulloch x

  4. Your day was phenomenal! It's good to share these feelings, though. I think a lot of women feel this way.

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  6. Yay. You are back. I've missed your writing updates. I have seen your pictorials on Instagram, but sometimes a girl needs a few paragraphs. Glad it went well and you had a blast!!! Still wish I would have crashed that thing! =)

  7. I feel the same let down after vacation planning for a year and then it's over. The only remedy is to find something else to plan. I loved seeing the planning process of your wedding. I am so happy you had a great time.

  8. Loved your wedding pics!!!!! You look amazing! I agree, weddings are expensive, but worth every penny! :)

  9. TBH, the main reason I started following you was BECAUSE of your Las Vegas wedding planning. :) since then, I've liked your other posts too, and now that the wedding is over, I'll still follow. lol I'm jealous of your Vegas wedding as I LOVE Vegas,I don't want to get married in Vegas, but I love wedding planning and love Vegas. And yes, the et down of it being all over, is a little crazy. You don't think you're addicted, but you are. Wedding planning is an addiction. I did it with my first wedding, and the let down was terrible! Here's to hoping you find something else just as fun to fill your time with, and to a long lasting marriage. Congrats!


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