Monday, November 24, 2014

Day 1 - Janky Genes.

I started my period this morning so it is time to finally get this show on the road!  I called the nurse line and left them a message - yo!  Aunt Flow is in town.  They returned my call fairly quickly and scheduled me for my baseline bloodwork and ultrasound for tomorrow (day two).  The baseline testing needs to be done on day two, three, or four of your cycle.  I was feeling nervous, yet excited that this journey is about to begin.

Then.....about an hour later I received another call from the nurse.  She said, I don't know how we missed this but your Cystic Fibrosis genetic test came back and you carry the gene.  Fuck, really- you are just telling me this now.  She proceeds to ask me if my husband was, he wasn't....well, then we would really recommend that you wait to proceed.  Fuck!  I had just wrapped my head around the fact that this process was starting.  Not to mention, I just spent $5,000 on medications.  She goes on to say, that it is our choice but they need to their due diligence and explain the risks.  She also recommended that Tower be tested for the gene and we schedule a genetic counseling session.  

As it turns out, a Caucasian person has a 1 in 29 chance of carrying the gene.  If both Tower and I carry the gene, then our child would have a 25% chance of having Cystic Fibrous.  On top of that, we have a 45.6% chance of this IVF cycle working out.  It's just like playing roulette in Vegas - do you want to place your chips on red or black, baby?!?  I hate that.

Tower and I decided that we would proceed with this cycle.  If things would have worked out naturally for us, we wouldn't have this tidbit of information.  And as it is, I am uneasy with the amount of science that goes into this.  Raised Catholic, I'm uncomfortable with playing God.  In the meantime, Tower will get tested and if this cycle doesn't work out we will know more going forward.

- nineteen eighty


  1. Oh man. I feel your frustration through this post. Be tough, lady!

  2. Ugh....I'm sorry you're going through this. My fingers are crossed that all goes smoothly the first time.


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