Saturday, November 29, 2014

Day 6 - Three-a-days.

After you've been on the stimulating injections for five days they have you come in and do a round of blood work and an ultrasound to see how your follicles are doing.  I did as such and received a call back from the nurse this afternoon.  She reported that my follicles were looking good and growing.  My blood work, which also tests estradiol, progesterone and lutenizing hormone levels, also looked good.  She gave me some of the numbers associated with the results but rattled them off so quickly they didn't register.  Whenever they call they seem like they are in such a hurry.  I hate that.  I am sure a list of other broads to call, but this process is anything but routine for me.

Since things looked good she told me to add the Ganirelix injection to my daily routine, bringing me up to three injections a day.  The purpose of Ganirelix is to prevent me from ovulating prematurely.

Lastly, I was directed to return tomorrow morning for blood work.  I will have to continue to report daily for the next five days or so until everything looks nice and ripe.  Reporting daily is going to be a royal pain.  It takes about 40 minutes to get to the Fertility Center from home.  It's in downtown Pittsburgh so if I don't get street parking I have to park in the garage and pay.  This is why I can't stress enough to consider convenience when selecting a Fertility Center.

Despite my gripes about being on this roller coaster, I can already tell you it's worth it.  I know Tower and I will have a good life whether we have a family or not.  But I believe in no regrets so you got to try your darndest - which is what has brought me to here. 

-nineteen eighty

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