Sunday, November 30, 2014

Day 7 - On the Low Side.

I went in again this morning for more blood work.

There are two main things I need to accomplish to graduate from the stimulation phase to egg retrieval.  I need an estradiol level greater than 1,000 and at least 5 mature follicles (10mm or greater).

The results of this morning's blood work showed that my estradiol level was 427 and the nurse explained that this was on the low side.  Since the nurse spoke so rapidly yesterday, I asked her to recap my follicle results.  She reported that I had three that matured to at least 10mm and were big enough for retrieval.  My ovaries sill have some work to do and I am to continue on my three-a-day protocol.

Since my numbers were low, I get to skip a day of monitoring and am due to report back the day after next for blood work and another ultrasound.  On the bright side, today marks only 6 days of the stimulation drugs and on average, it takes about 10 days to reach the pinnacle. 

Despite knowing I was only half way though the average number of stimulation days, hearing "on the low size", caused me to panic.  Of course my fingers ran off to Dr. Google.  My research put me at a slight ease as I learned many women are slow developers and that numbers could double overnight.  But then I also read that some women have to cancel their cycle because they never reach optimum ripeness.  So once again, anything goes.  I have no choice but to do my best to remain optimistic.  I figure I might-as-well until someone gives me further reason not to.

Grow, girls, grow! 

-nineteen eighty

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