Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Day 10 - TMI.

No blood work or ultra sound today since yesterday's results showed that my estradiol has just a wee more to go to get over the 1,000 mark.  I am to continue with my three injections and return to the Fertility Center tomorrow to for another look under the hood.  We also got orders to "be intimate" so that Tower could be fresh, yet, not too depleted for fertilization.  They say he needs to pop three to four days before egg retrieval.  Finally, a protocol I can get into!  That's what he said.  And this means we are getting closer!

My hormone levels still seem to be even and my moodiness continues to be manageable.  At this point, I've done multiple injections in the car, so I am pretty much an expert.  The track marks or bruises aren't terrible either.  My biggest complaint is the ever growing gut.  I've been told that the ovaries grow from the size of a walnut to an orange during this process.  Well no wonder! 

So happy to be another day closer.

- nineteen eighty

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