Thursday, December 4, 2014

Day 11 - Friends in Strange Places.

Whelp, my streak of not crying ended today!   But for a really touching reason.  I received a card today from someone whom I only know from social media........

I feel like writing a note is more personal than leaving a comment or typing up an email.  I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you and Tower and your future babies!  I was so naive when I got pregnant for the first time.  I was 19 and scared.  And I cried.  So unaware of how many women were crying - because they got a negative on their stick.

I bought you a little present.  It's coming from an etsy shop in PA so I'm just having it sent straight to you.  It's a fertility bracelet - but even if you don't "believe" in the power of stones - just know that you are adored and loved,  friend.  And it's a physical reminder.  

I hope this whole process goes as smoothly as it can and you to celebrate a baby next Christmas!  Good luck to you and Tower.  You are loved.

My gosh, how beautiful and thoughtful.  It literally brought tears to my eyes and I immediately had Tower read it.  It amazes me how someone whom I've never met is cheering me on and finds my story relevant.

Relevancy is such a funny thing when going through something like this.  I find that real life friends are only moderately interested.  I've told some of them about this blog and many haven't even taken a glance.  That's ok, they have their own reasons and I get that.  We are all so busy.  Plus, sometimes we don't need or want all the dreaded details.  We just want to know the end result for heaven's sake.  At the same time, I've also come to the conclusion that if there is a true and deep friendship between people- whatever one is going through should be relevant to the other - whether the topic interests you or not.  That's what real friends are for.  From here on out, I hope this revelation makes me a better person. 

This is just why I am so touched by receiving this card.  And surprisingly it doesn't stop there.  Through this blog I've connected with another lady who is also stranded out on infertility island.  We've exchanged numbers and now text on the daily.  It is so nice to have someone who understands this roller coaster.  Let me tell you, the ups and downs are huge.  And it is such a relief to have people to navigate through it with.

With all that said.....drum roll please......

Today's blood work and ultrasound revealed that I have lots of follicles and my estradiol is above 1700.  That's great!  I was instructed to take reduced doses of Menopur tonight and Follistim tomorrow morning.  I also return tomorrow for another round of blood work and hopefully will get to use the trigger shot tomorrow night.

To celebrate, a friend of mine, who just so happens to also be going to the same fertility doctor as Tower and I (she's also been a great sanity check), went out for margaritas.  And she offered to drive!  Bottoms up!  My fingers are optimistically crossed that my drinking days are numbered.

-nineteen eighty


  1. So happy that you've reached your #s! Enjoy your margaritas!
    Love - one of your "real" friends who is thinking about you and Tower every single day!


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