Sunday, December 7, 2014

Day 14 - A full carton.


How cool is that?  I ended up with exactly a carton of eggs.  I am one proud mama.

The actual egg retrieval went well.  This morning, exactly 36 hours after taking the trigger shot, I found myself laid out on an operating table with my legs hoisted up in stir-ups.  The anesthesiologist, who was in her 57th year of practicing medicine (how is that even possible, by my calculations she has got to be close to 80) was telling me about her cat Chanel, when she administered the sweet nectar and knocked my ass out.  The next thing I remember was being in the recovery room. 

My fertility doctor stopped by real quick and let me know that things went well and they were able to get twelve eggs.  He explained that was a pretty good number, as 10 eggs were average.

Really, that was about it.  There was no lengthy conversation with the doctor.  It was in and out.  They are clearly running a business.  Of course, I'd appreciate it if the process was more personable but I feel like my hands are tied.  It's not like I have an abundance of options, even in a decent sized city.  And from everyone I talk to - sterile - is par for the course.   

Prior to me going under, Tower had to do the walk of shame to the sexy time booth.  I told him to snapchat me the details - but all I got was one lousy picture of the December (Christmas themed) Playboy cover.  At least they are current.  At some point today, my eggs were exposed to Tower's sperm in hopes of them being fertilized.  Tomorrow morning I'll be able to call in and get the results.

The discharge process was easy and I've just been lounging around today.  Tomorrow I can resume life as usual - sans high intensity activity. 

They prescribed me with a steroid and antibiotic to keep me strong and infection free.  I am also supposed to take a baby aspirin each day to prevent clotting during implantation.  Last but not least, I'm to start the progesterone suppositories.  Awesome. 

Besides cramping, I physically feel fine.  SO looking forward to calling the egg hotline in the AM.  Embryo transfer is tentatively scheduled for day 17.  This is really happening! 

-nineteen eighty


  1. How exciting!! My husband and I just did our first round of artificial inseminatio . Keeping you in my thought . Oh, and the suppositories aren't that awful! ;-)

    1. Insemination-it cut my "n" off for some reason!

  2. I am so happy for you!!! 12 little eggies!! Amazing! Can't wait to hear how everything went!!

  3. I can't wait to hear your news from this morning! I'm following along with you as you go through each step--and rooting for you and Tower from Arkansas!!


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