Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Day 16 - Prune juice, yo!

I was on pins and needles today wondering if my four embryos made it through the night.  The Fertility Center doesn't advise you to call and check on them.  They say long as you don't receive a call canceling the transfer, you have at least one viable embryo to work with. 

I'm a rule breaker.

I texted my friend, Clare St. Clair, to see if maybe I should just try the egg line.  After all, the phone number was just burning a hole in my recent calls list.  Clare St. Clair quickly pointed out that I am paying them enough; I should be able to call them whenever I wanna.  Enough said, Clare St. Clair.

The egg keeper was not friendly at all.   

Did you have your retrieval yesterday? 

No.  The day before yesterday.

Well, the embryologist does not like to pull the embryos out of the incubator, but I'll double check.  Please hold.

You are in luck, she pulled them out earlier today and they look good.  You now have two - 4 cell embryos and two - 2 cell embryos.  They should continue dividing and we will be looking for 8 cell embryos at transfer.  

Yes!  My little tetrad of embryos are alive and well!  Of course I confirmed with Dr. Google that they are right on target with their division.   My research also shows that rarely do 100% of fertilized eggs make it to transfer day.  So fingers crossed, mine continue to be the exception.  Can I get a four for four!

So that's the good news.....

......the bad news.....

Someone please pass the prune juice, yo!  I'll try not to over due it with the details, but I could use a roto rooter over here.  From my research it's very common to be plugged up, bloated, and crampy from all the meds and trauma from the egg retrieval.  I am some wicked form of all three.  At one point today,  my vision closed in on me and I thought I was going to pass out.  It's not good people, not good at all.  I really wish I was going into tomorrow feeling better physically.

So what do I do when I am not feeling great.......

Happy hour with Tower, of course!  You know, because that makes complete sense.  A few Buffalo wings and a cosmo(s) to calm the nerves.  No need to judge, there aren't any rules against it.

Cheers to tomorrow!


  1. This is fascinating. The whole thing. I love that you are documenting this as, with so many things surrounding women and their reproductive health, it's always hush hush. IVF always was a mystery beyond "harvest egg and sperm, mix, hope it takes". Very Interesting to hear the details. Fingers crossed and positive vibes sent to you and your embryos! We're rooting for you!

  2. I've missed you and I am so thankful you are sharing this incredible journey with us. Prayers for you and Tower!!

  3. Will be thinking of you! Hope everything goes well with the transfer! And I'm a firm believer in drink til it's pink! Plus, I think you totally deserve a cosmo... or four...

  4. Thanks for being so open about this process. I don't know much about it, but it's interesting to hear about. And I'm rooting for your little embryos! Grow, babies, grow!

    As far as the roto-rooter situation, I had some issues from the pain meds after gallbladder surgery...and a pro-biotic and Miralax saved the day. Good luck!


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