Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Day 17 - Hey, hey, it's transfer day!

Guys!  Guys!  Guys!

I am so happy to report that things went as well as they possibly could go today.  Mentally, I feel the best I have in a while.  What's done is done and it's out of my hands

Tower and I went into the Fertility Clinic this morning.  My only direct order was that I arrive with a bladder full of 30 to 40 ounces of water.  I grabbed two 20 oz bottles on my way out the door and aggressively drank them on our commute down.  Upon arrival, we were taken back to the recovery area and I was instructed to change into a gown, booties, and don a hair bonnet.  Your partner has the option to join you during the transfer.  Tower was very uncomfortable with this as he hates anything to do with hospitals, but I insisted.  He's going to have to man up sooner or later!

Next the embryologist and doctor and explained the status of our four embryos.  All four were still alive and had been graded.
  • 8A
  • 8A
  • 8B
  • 5A
The number indicates the number of cells the embryo is now comprised of.   Ideally, the embryos reach 8 cells by day three.  That's not to say, that my 5A is a lost cause.  It may be a little bit behind but it's still growing and has a good grade.

The letter grade refers to how the cells in the embryos look. A grade A embryo, for example, is one in which all of the cells are the same size and there is no fragmentation in the embryo.   This is ideal. A grade B embryo may have minor fragmentation.  The lower the grade, the more fragmentation.

Embryos are not like diamonds - as in there is not a universal or standard grading system.  This is just the way my Fertility Center grades.

My doctor and embryologist proceed to tell me that the first 8A is actually getting ready to divide again - which is wonderful.  And that they consider both of my 8As Cadillac embryos.  By this time I am grinning ear to ear.  It's all I could hope for.

They then ask us if we want to transfer one or two.  I quickly respond, "TWO".  I had mentioned to Tower that we would get to chose, but we never really talked about it.  I kind of made up our mind for the both of us.  Hey - I am the one who would have to carry them.  I want the best chance.  Plus, I actually would really like twins.  Tower and I initialed a sheet a paper confirming we want the two and then both walk into the same operating room where they did the egg retrieval. 

I laid down on the table and Tower sat at my head.  The doctor, embryologist, nurse, and ultrasound tech were all in the room.   The ultrasound lady guided the doctor while he inserted a catheter into my uterus.  The reason they want you to have a full bladder is because it straightens the uterus and makes it easier to access.  When the doctor was in the embryologist loaded both embryos (which are invisible to the naked eye) into a transfer catheter.  The embryos were then pushed through the transfer catheter with a small puff of air.  The doctor pulled out he catheters, speculum and literally 5 minutes later he was eating a Greek salad (I will take it as a compliment that I didn't ruin his appetite) at the nurses desk and I was walking to the car.  Unbelievably easy.  The egg retrieval was much more of a production. 

Despite having two transferred our chances of this working are still only 45%.  Our other two embryos will be frozen for round two.

I did not sleep well last night so I came home and napped.  I am not restricted to bed rest and tomorrow I can pretty much resume normal activity - sans high intensity workouts.  I physically feel fine besides the bloating and cramps I mentioned yesterday.

Now we wait two weeks to find out.  I am scheduled for a beta blood test the week of Christmas.  I will be sharing the results here but at this time am not going to disclose the actual date of the test.  I want time for just Tower and I to digest the results before divulging them to the masses.  With all this free time, I do plan to keep the blog up until the results.  So if you have a question - please leave it in a comment or if you know me in real life, text me. 

Speaking of comments, I appreciated the ones on yesterday's post and laughed big at the "drink until pink" line.  Today I received texts messages of encouragement and beautiful roses with a note, "four for four!".  Sincerely thank you to each of you.    I know some people may balk at that the idea of sharing something so personal.  It's weird, but for me over sharing comes naturally.  I am also a very curious person.  Together its the perfect storm and I've chosen to advocate for fertility; albeit a small audience.   

....cue, NBC's the more you know campaign.

Thank you so much for allowing me to share this journey with you. 

-nineteen eighty



  1. ah, jen! yay! ... and why not a two for one deal ;)

  2. Sounds like it went as good as it could possibly go! I'll be saying some prayers for those embryos :)

  3. Haha I'm glad you liked it! I just remember always being nervous about the two week wait and feeling bad about drinking, but then getting my hopes up SO much. A friend of mine used to say that to me and it always helped me relax a little. SO glad that everything went well! Will be crossing my fingers, and toes, and praying, and throwing a penny in a wishing well! Positive vibes heading your way!

  4. During my 2 week wait, I drank pineapple juice. I somehow found (on the internet of course) that pineapple juice helps with the implantation process. I have no idea if that's true or not, but thought I would share. (I ended up pregnant with twins on my IVF cycle).

  5. That is amazing news! I am so happy for you! I am keeping everything crossed that those two little embies stick!! Enjoy the TWW! I am almost mid TWW and so far, I am not going insane....hope I didn't speak to soon!


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