Friday, December 12, 2014

Day 19 - Morons.

Two days post transfer: The cells of the morula (Mulberry) continue to divide, developing into a blastocyst.
Another pitfall of this process is dealing with the morons that be billers and insurance companies.  I have BCBS and Tower has Cigna.  Mine offers absolutely no fertility treatment assistance but Tower's offers some; albeit not substantial.  So I have been very clear that my primary insurance should not be billed and instead go straight to my secondary, Tower's (yes, we are paying out the wazoo and carry two family insurance plans).  I told this to both the financial counselor we met with and the lady who takes my billing paper work after each appointment.  And guess what, they still fucked it up.  I received a bill today for "non-covered services" because they only ran my claim through BCBS.  It's so fucking irritating.  I can't tell you how many phone calls I've made dealing with the insurance companies to even understand our coverage, get pre-approved, and I've even had to track down two-instances of getting charged inaccurately because things were coded wrong. 

The bill was for $842 and was for my first ultrasound and blood work monitoring during stimulation.  $842!  I went back and counted I had a total of four ultrasound/blood work combos and two additional just blood work appointments ($342 each) while prepping for the egg retrieval.  Shit!  You can really see how this adds up fast!  I still don't know what our portion will be because as evidenced by the bill I received today, they haven't run anything through our Cigna benefits yet. For more information on potential total cost click here.

I was able to remedy today's issue with a quick call but I would almost bet my life that I am going to have to make that same call for every billing instance.  It's sucks to have no faith in a system, especially, when it's such a stressful and important thing.

-nineteen eighty

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  1. I feel I should warn you that you will probably have to do this for most every bill. It doesn't matter how diligent you are with giving people the correct information, someone is going to mess up. And no one will care about it except you, so you'll have to be on hold and explaining the same thing over and over too many times to count. It happened to me too, several times. Its enough to make you wanna drink, at a time when you can't. Sorry :( I hope for your sake this is the only mess up there is!


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