Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Day 9 - Looking up.

I went in this morning for blood work and another ultra sound.  I received my results this afternoon and I've progressed.  My estradiol level was up to 959 and I have 9 follicles considered mature (measuring 10mm or more).  To recap, an estradiol level of greater than a 1,000 and at least 5 mature follicles are required to do the egg retrieval.  Almost there!

I am still sticking with my three-a-day injections and I report back for another round of blood work and ultrasound on day 11.

I am also proud to report that I haven't cried in at least three days and no major moodiness.  My body must be getting acclimated to these foreign hormones.

.........now if I could just do something about this expanding gut of mine.  Have mercy!

-nineteen eighty

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