Saturday, January 24, 2015

Day 69 - Elsa & Olaf.

It's been about a month since Tower and I learned the news that our first fresh IVF cycle was unsuccessful.  It was devastating news and it took a few days to recover.  The sadness was exacerbated by the fact that Tower flew out the very next morning for a week.  I felt like I was left alone to grieve.  That was not the fault of him, he'd been optimistic that it would work and it was really naive and poor planning on both of our parts.

I am proud to say that I back to myself emotionally.  I can look back and now say: wow, that was tough - but I got through it.  And if it happens again, I know I'll bounce back.  The truth is over the past month I've enjoyed the fertility timeout and getting back to feeling ME!  A break from the hormones and back to the gym and vodka!

But the fun can't last forever - we're on a mission here and it's time to get our eyes back on the prize.  

Tower and I recently returned to the fertility clinic to learn what we do next.  All I knew walking into those doors was that we were going to go back for our two frozen embryos.  In the spirit of all things Frozen, I've decided to dub them Elsa & Olaf.  Beyond that - I hadn't a clue.  For some reason, I didn't google that shit out of that process, like I had everything else IVF related.

The result of our appointment is good news!  First of all, our 5A embryo divided again before going into the deep freeze and now we have a 6A and an 8B!  Secondly, the cost of a Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) is SO much cheaper than a fresh cycle.  The estimate for the FET they is $2,261.  Compared to the $9,637 they quoted us for the fresh cycle; it's a bargain.  Additionally, there are NO injections this cycle so the medications are much cheaper.  For the fresh cycle, we paid $5,183 out of pocket for all the medications.  For the FET all you need is an antibiotic, steroid, and estrogen supplement, all of which I was able to pick up at my grocery store's pharmacy for a whopping $40.  Lastly, there is virtually no monitoring.  Leading up to the FET I will go in for one blood test, one ultrasound and then the transfer.  Three appointments: easy breezy!  I am so elated that it is going to be less financial draining and stressful this time around.  It also brings me hope because now I know if we have to do another fresh cycle, we will be able to finagle it all while knowing that will also hopefully give us a reasonable shot at a fourth round.  #BOGO

Of course there is the risk that our Elsa & Olaf won't survive the thaw, but for the moment, I'm just going to let it GOOOOOOOO!

-nineteen eighty


  1. Love it! So glad things are looking up sending bunches of sticky baby dust!!!! ❤️🙏🏆

  2. So glad you are back in the saddle so to speak!! Elsa & olaf are going to make it!! I just know it!!!


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