On August 1, 2012, Fit Camp, launched a 60-day Weight Loss Challenge.  Considering that many of the Fit Campers are mamas, the goal that I set for this challenge is for participants to collectively lose the weight of a mini van. From the research I've done, this equates to approximately 4,000 lbs. I'd like the van to be a symbol of all those mamas out there taking time for themselves to shed the mini van/soccer mom persona to re-find their sexy goddess. For those of you like me, who do not have children, let it be a reminder that now is the time for us to get our weight and fitness level under control. Especially before life brings additional obligations....and gawd help us mini vans! : )

Fit Campers participating in the challenge are logging their weights into a spreadsheet every Wednesday.  Once the weights are entered, I compare the current week to the previous week and calculate the each persons gain or loss for the week.  I then add everyones gains and losses together to calculate the net loss for group.  Here are our results so far:

Week 1 - 943.1 pounds lost
Week 2 - 435.8 pounds lost
Week 3 - 260 pounds lost
Week 4 - 232.6 pounds lost
Week 5 - 137.1 pounds lost 
Week 6 - 251.2 pounds lost 
Week 7 - 188.8 pounds lost 
Week 8 - 152.2 pounds lost 
Final Weigh-in - 159.3 pounds lost
For a total of 2,760.1 pounds lost or 69% of goal!


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