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About Our Fitness Strategists 


Fitness and wellness are not one-size-fits-all. It's unique to each person and in order to succeed you need a plan that's tailored and specific to your individual needs and goals. It's not about being extreme but being consistent. Encouraging clients to use training modalities that easily transfer from the gym to daily life. Focusing on lifestyle choices and wellness rather than weight loss, our clients enjoy a higher level of success.  

We seek to educate and provide services and resources to equip our clients with the essential strategies needed to successfully implement and maintain healthy lifestyles

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Our innovative approach and personal investment in each client, combined with our dedication to communicating only the most credible information, results in sustainable changes.

Meet Our Fitness Strategists

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Paul Baron, PhD

Paul is a Certified Exercise Physiologist with over 28 years of experience in the fitness industry. After serving his country as a Reconnaissance Marine, Paul received a BS in Exercise Science, MS in Exercise Physiology and a PhD in Human Movement Science from UNC-Chapel Hill. Previously, Paul owned and managed a gym on Hilton Head Island for 8 years, after selling that gym he spent 20 years working as the Director of Wellness at an exclusive club. He has helped design multiple fitness centers, trained world-renowned athletes and helped certify collegiate sports trainers. Paul has a passion for training, educating, and leading by example. He considers completing 19 IRONMAN triathlons one of his greatest achievements.

With certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine, the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), CrossFit, and TRX, Paul truly understands the science behind exercising and recovery physiology and how to apply best practices to ensure a safe, effective workout.

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Elizabeth Gaddy, BSN

Elizabeth, a Raleigh native, is a certified TRX Instructor with a passion for fitness and helping people create healthy lifestyles. She received a BS in Nursing from UNC-Chapel Hill, completed a post-baccalaureate nurse residency program at the University of Virginia Medical Center and did a year of clinical research at Duke. 


Elizabeth's passion for fitness and healthy living grew during her nursing career as she recognized the impact it had on illness and recovery. Since then, she has completed multiple 5k and 10K races, and a Sandman Triathlon. Elizabeth's mission is to train, educate and motivate people to make a change and start leading healthier and more active lifestyles in creative and fun ways that are sustainable.

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