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Leading the Way in
Corporate and Concierge Fitness

Fitness Unscripted is a concierge fitness resource curated to provide unique and customizable fitness strategies. Our goal is to inspire and equip individuals, companies and communities to value, prioritize and successfully implement healthy sustainable lifestyles. 

Most of our clients come to us exhausted by fad diets or disappointed by exercise programs and personal trainers that didn't help them achieve the long-term, sustainable results they were looking for. That's where we come in. As Fitness Strategists we seek to help clients balance fitness and nutrition with work and family stressors. We use our education and experience in physiology, human movement, exercise science and nutrition to develop a sustainable wellness strategy that creates permanent results by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Our Clients Say ...


The workouts challenge me like no other! They are always tough but never the same. I look forward to working out because I know it’s making a difference!

I’ve done every work out imaginable and this one works like no other!  

- Mary Catherine, Client

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